How to Get Real Estate Leads with LinkedIn: 11 Pro Tips

If you think LinkedIn is only geared towards C-level executives and business owners, you are wrong. There are over 7 million real estate professionals taking advantage of the site — and they’re seeing great results when it comes to figuring out how to get real estate leads.

According to Moz, cited in a Foundation marketing study, LinkedIn has a near-perfect web domain authority. This means the site ranks very highly on Google and other search engines. If you optimize your profile for SEO, your profile could easily pop up when people search for you online. That being said, you need to have an active presence and know the ins and outs of using the platform to reach your target audience.

If you’re wondering how to get real estate leads on LinkedIn, here are 11 tips.

1. It’s all in the details

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions a person can make. For this reason, there has to be a lot of trust and confidence between the buyer and realtor. Nowadays, potential buyers are online researching every step of the home-buying process. As a real estate agent, you want to immediately show them you are capable and have the experience to handle this important transaction for them.

Your goal is to make sure you have the absolute best LinkedIn realtor profile possible. Make sure your profile is 100% complete, listing all your experience and the areas you specialize in. The more detail you provide, the easier it will be for potential clients to find you when they do a search. Here are a few important places to populate:

  • All details related to your business
  • All of your relevant experience
  • Any areas of specialization
  • Any certifications you hold

In addition, you can add links to your other social media accounts for even greater visibility.

2. Optimize your LinkedIn profile for SEO

Google will crawl your LinkedIn page looking for prominent keywords — so you want to be sure you take advantage of this opportunity to be seen.

When it comes to popular keywords, “real estate” takes the cake. This should definitely be somewhere in your headline. You also want to properly optimize your LinkedIn profile URL as it essentially acts as your online business card. For example, if you add “realtor” to your name, you can quickly improve your profile’s ranking (i.e.,

You should also include relevant keywords in your tagline and About section. Below are several tools that can help you figure out the best keywords to include:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Google Search Console/Keyword Planner
  • Simple browser additions like Keywords Everywhere

Once you’ve done your research and optimized key sections of your profile, get ready to field more inquiries!

3. Craft enticing visuals to stand out from competitors

Today, many agents have mastered the science of SEO on their LinkedIn page to generate new leads. In order for your page to really stand out from your competitors, you have to get creative with your images. It’s also an art to create a valuable LinkedIn page.

Start by adding a professional-looking banner image as your Company Page header. Make sure it is high quality and eye-catching, like this example from The Corcoran Group.

How to get real estate leads: example from Corcoran Group

[Image Source]

This banner gives the real estate giant a more personal, less corporate feel. If you incorporate keywords into your banner image, it has the potential to further help your SEO rankings.

In addition to your company page header, you should also give thought to adding some informational visual content:

  • Photos of homes
  • Videos
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics

These images will keep your audience engaged as they learn about your company and value prop.

4. Create a showcase page

One of the great things about LinkedIn is that they provide you with Showcase Pages that you can post real estate listings on. Showcase Pages are expanded LinkedIn Pages, designed to give businesses more ways to display their products and services.

How to get real estate leads with a Showcase Page

[Image via LinkedIn]

Showcase Pages have a deeper, more immersive user experience. As a real estate agent, you have the added ability to share unique content, tailored towards your niche audience to create more memorable experiences. You can also use your Showcase Page to promote other things like your blog, any offers, and open house flyers you would want a visitor to know.

5. Search for and network with potential buyer and seller leads

Beginning with who you know is a great way to amplify your real estate lead generation. Try the following approach:

  • Connect with clients, old contacts, your network of colleagues, alumni, friends and members of organizations you belong to.
  • Once you make that connection, you can start connecting with their connections.
  • Take advantage of the search feature to find even more people that match your criteria.

These connections could quickly become great sources of referrals for you. As time goes on, they may even become your clients.

If you have an existing email contact list, import it and start connecting with those individuals too!

6. Stay relevant by posting valuable information on a consistent basis

Many realtors use LinkedIn to stay abreast of the latest market trends. The platform is a bit on the formal side, so post accordingly.

Here are some ideas of topics to post or share:

  • Any new construction projects in your local area
  • State of the housing market
  • Investment or financial news and tips
  • Local job opportunities
  • Helpful information about the neighborhood
  • Real estate marketing ideas

Here are some ideas of types of content you can post:

  • Links to blogs
  • Curated content
  • Videos/podcasts
  • Opinion pieces
  • Relevant articles

Once you have a routine going for your LinkedIn content (3-4 times/week), be sure to publish every piece on your Company Page. People appreciate great content, and it’s also a way to keep you fresh in their mind. Also take the time to check out other real estate profiles and blogs (like the Zillow Porchlight Blog) and be sure to like or comment on any posts you find interesting.

7. Leverage the LinkedIn real estate groups

These groups provide a perfect opportunity for you to promote your business. In addition, they are one of the best places for social selling.

The key is to find groups that are full of potential customers — and not your competitors. Once you join a community, go through the members to see if they represent what you look for in potential clients. Many times, their profiles give you a sense of their personal lives (e.g., if they are looking to buy or sell a home).

When you find a fit, connect directly with them by answering questions that they post. This is a great way to show off your real estate expertise.

8. Use private messaging

If you come across someone of interest, consider sending a personalized message. Since they do not know you, you need to come across as honest and genuine. Here are some things you can say:

  • You are always looking to connect with locals
  • You are interested in learning more about their business
  • You have heard of them from an event or conference
  • Inquire about sending referrals their way
  • Ask them to keep you in mind if they or people they know need your help

On a side note, have at least three follow-up interactions with someone before asking them for something like a referral. LinkedIn is all about relationship building.

LinkedIn offers Sponsored InMail for businesses, as well. Here is an example they cited from CBRE, a commercial real estate team.

How to get real estate leads with Sponsored InMail

[Image Source]

Even if it’s an ad, a private message adds a more direct and personal dimension to generating and nurturing your real estate leads.

9. Ask for recommendations

The recommendations feature on LinkedIn is like having your very own referral machine. Take the time to provide an outline to your recommenders (e.g., former bosses, teachers and professors, or clients) to increase the chance that they will complete and post it.

LinkedIn JetPack has several example recommendations to learn from:

How to get real estate leads with recommendations

While these aren’t specifically for realtors, they display the level of detail you should aim for, as well as key adjectives like “exceptional,” “insightful,” and “capable.” For realtor recommendations, try reaching out to prior clients you’ve worked with for specifics on how you helped them source and purchase their dream home. These real estate testimonials can go a long way towards convincing a new client to join you.

10. Show your real estate expertise

LinkedIn’s publishing platform Pulse gives you another opportunity to share content that will paint you as an authority on real estate. Give your exposure a boost by posting whitepapers, pdfs, images of upcoming projects, and articles packed with data. Your potential reach is high, so nailing this step is important. If you can come across as an expert here, it can go a long way towards attracting new clients to your business. If you’re a first-time realtor, you can still establish yourself as a thought leader by doing research and crafting informative, interesting content.

11. Use automated solutions

Automation can help real estate agents track prospects, leads, and customers via LinkedIn and many other channels. New real estate automation tools are springing up every day, which will help you be more efficient with your client interactions — while still maintaining a personal touch.

In particular, these tools can help you track and build relationships with individuals you connect with through open houses, email newsletters, printed flyers, social media channels, and more. If you’re reaching out to them on LinkedIn, it’s helpful to have a quick record of your relationship to date.

Still Unsure How to Get Real Estate Leads on LinkedIn?

Here are a few additional resources:

If you have more questions on how to get real estate leads or if you have found a channel that works for you that’s not on this list, leave it below in our comments section! We’d love to hear from you.

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