How To Get More Real Estate Listings: 4 Creative Ways

4 Creative Ways To Attract More Real Estate Listings How To Get More Real Estate Listings: 4 Creative Ways

Looking to get more real estate listings?  You should be if you are looking to have a successful real estate career.  The question is what is the best way to go about doing this in such a competitive market?

Below we list 4 creative ways to get more real estate listings.

1. Head to Starbucks

There are many ways you can try and get real estate listings.  You could cold call or knock on people’s doors but you want something that is more out of the box.   One of the best ways to reach lots of potential traffic is your local Starbucks.  When is Starbucks never crowded?  Take out an hour or two and have some face to face conversations with people who live in your area.  Chances are, you will eventually run into a past or present client.  If they are with friends or family, even better.  This beats calling them and trying to come up with a reason as to why you are contacting them.

When you do come across a stranger, you don’t want to lead the conversation with your services.  Having a more surface conversation where your profession comes up will naturally open the door to discussing “real estate”.  Always be prepared with current market information.  As you would imagine, 90% of people consider “knowledge of the real estate market” to be important when choosing an agent.  So you definitely don’t want to have them ask you a question and you don’t have the answer.

2. Radio advertising

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Radio ads, although an old school marketing tactic, can be fruitful for attracting more real estate listings.  Test out the waters and see if it is a viable option within your market area.  You may just be the only real estate professional doing radio ads in your area. Put together a simple script along the lines of:  “Are you looking to sell your home for the highest price and fast with exceptional customer service?  Then you want to give your name, company name and phone number.  Also mention a place where they can see your reviews.  People make their decisions based on “social proof”.  Of course if you don’t have five star reviews, you should start working on getting them.

3. Host a luncheon for your next open house

Hosting a luncheon is a great way to generate potential listing leads.  People are moving all the time and chances are the neighbor of a seller might be your next lead.   An easy and quick way to get the word out is to put together a quick video invitation.  You can then email this to your database and you can have you seller email their people too.  Take advantage of social media and have them mention it on their Facebook page.

The next thing to think about is putting together something with valuable information on it.  This can be a brochure or a pdf they can download.  Include detailed information about the neighborhood.  Be sure to include recent sales, pending sales as well as any upcoming local events.   No doubt you will wind up getting real estate listings if you do this practice.

4.  Connect with local businesses 

Every business within your market area is looking for business just like you.  This means everyone from your smaller banks to dentists.  Make this a win win situation by creating a referral “business” with them.  Go  to an online business directory like and choose a business in every major category.  Head over to their business in person and let them know your proposal.  Chances are they would love the idea!  The key thing here is to keep in touch with these referral providers.  Plug into your calendar a coffee date with each.  This doesn’t have to be every month but you don’t want to talk to them once and never get in contact again.  You need to nurture the relationship.

Final thoughts

In order to have a successful and thriving real estate business, you need  to get real estate listings.  Try out these creative ideas and you will be well on your way to getting more listings.

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