5 Tips To Build Rapport and Boost Real Estate Sales

In order to make it in the real estate game, the skill of building rapport is essential.  Without it, you will have a lackluster career at best. In order for people to choose you as their agent, there has to be a likeability factor and that is what rapport gets you.  Now, since you did choose this as a career, we can assume that you are somewhat decent at building relationships with people. What we are here to do is give you tips on how to take your rapport to the next level.

Here are tips on the best ways to build rapport and get more clients

1. Practice active listening

By now you have probably heard of active listening.  It is when you closely listen to what someone is saying so you can use some of the same language in your responses.  This doesn’t mean you want to over do it and sound like a tape recorder. You want to pick and choose some words and phrases to repeat to show you are communicating in the same fashion.  

The psychology behind it is that when someone hears the other person speaking similar to them, they take notice and like it. Also try to pick up on what you have in common with the prospect and build on this as well.  This will just help give you more to talk about.

2. Ask Plenty of Questions

When you meet a real estate prospect for the first time, they are not so concerned with how many homes you sold last month.  Yes, you want to let them know your track record and that you are capable of doing your job, but that is not what they are interested in most ultimately.   

Instead of going on about yourself, your goal should be to learn as much as possible about your potential client.  You want to ask questions like what attributes are they looking for in an agent? Also try to learn about their interests and their background.  Yes this is a business transaction at the end of the day, but remember your business is based on relationships. Asking personal questions is what is going to build your business and gain you more satisfied clients and referrals.  

3. Have a flow to your conversations

While it is important to ask questions like we just mentioned above, there does need to be a balance.  You definitely don’t want to get carried away as it will have the opposite effect.  A good tip is to ask a couple of questions before you add in a comment of your own. Here is an example:  You like biking?  Where do you like to bike?  Oh, cool, I will have to check that area out next time I go biking.  

Of course not every conversation is going to flow in this way but it is a great tool to use to help boost rapport.

4. Ask “How can I help?”

Your job is to be the biggest help you can be to your client.  How can I help?  Are four simple words that really make your client feel you are on their side.  You want to find out what their goals are so you can help to achieve them.  Are they looking to get a certain price for their home?  Do they need to sell it by a certain time?  Unless you find out what they are hoping to achieve, you may fall short of their expectations. 

Once clients see that you are clear on what they are trying to achieve with the sale of their home, they will feel that much more confident in going with you as their agent.  Furthermore, if you actually deliver on what you promise, you can expect repeat business and referrals.

5. Show thanks

Repeat business is your ultimate goal in real estate.  In order to boost your chances of your client coming back for your services in the future, you need to close the deal on a positive note.  A great way to do this is by showing your gratitude and thanks for choosing you as their agent. 

There are a number of ways you can show your appreciation.  You can send an email but that is not really showing much effort.  We recommend sending a handwritten thank you note or a phone call.  If you really want to make a lasting impression, consider presenting them with a housewarming gift.  Whatever you think the client will take delight in. 

Final thoughts

In order to have a successful real estate career, you need to be able to build rapport with clients.  Relationships are the foundation of your business and what will keep your referral base full.  Consider the above tips the next time you enter a listing meeting and you will see how business will naturally flourish for you.

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