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Giveaways are a great way to connect with local people and generate leads at the same time. Before getting into it though it’s worth to note that doing a giveaway costs money and should be looked at for the long term gain. Think about this as a tactic to help you increase your sphere of influence, not a tactic for immediate ROI.

The leads you get from a giveaway for the most part (luck happens) are not going to be from people who are looking to buy or sell right away. If you nurture them over time and build real relationships with them though they could turn into a steady supply of referrals and buyers/sellers.

Giveaway Platforms I’ve personally used this one before and when evaluating against the other choices available, it seems to be the best one. It has a free plan but, you’re not allowed to get emails with it. Pricing starts at $39/mo and you’ll only need it for a month at a time. Definitely worth paying for it.

Rafflecopter A close runner up to gleam. Has almost the same amount of features and a free plan which also doesn’t let you grab emails which is the most important part of the contest. Pricing starts at $59/mo for the feature set you would need.

There are some others that can do the job as well  but, these are the two ‘best’.


Type Of Prize

Everyones prize should be completely different. When thinking about what type of prize you should give away start a brainstorm and use these traits to help you identify a prize that will connect with your target audience:

  • Demographic
  • Local options (preferably give something local/specific to where you live and get that place involved with it too!)
  • Will they want to share something like this with their friends ( These giveaway platforms have a ‘viral’ refer a friend option built in with their paid plans)
  • Is there a way you can include their friends? (A gift for two)


Email Nurture Preparation

Before you start the campaign you’re going to want to create a custom email lead nurture campaign for everyone signing up for the contest. This campaign shouldn’t be bunched in with your others and created specially for your contest. Some key essentials to include with this campaign would be:

  • Get to know them
  • Let them know who you are, what you do
  • Keep them informed with highly relevant community news that you know your target demographic is interested in
  • Ask a question

For your series of emails it might want to look something like this:

  • Email 1 – Say thank you for entering the contest, let them know who you are and ask a simple question that you think will get a high response rate. The goal here is to start the relationship building.
  • Email 2 – Send some local event information / news that you think they would be interested in.
  • Email 3 – Ask if they’re on any social networks because you would love to connect with them and oh by the way, here are mine if you want to follow me.


So on so forth… You might want to send the first 3 emails weekly while the campaign is running and then send your next ones once a month. Keep in mind your end goal should be building a relationship with these people and turning them into brand ambassadors. Most likely none of them are going to buy/sell right now but, in the future you want to have that relationship when they’re ready or have a friend that is.


Pay For Advertising

To make the campaign most effective you want to target by area on Facebook. Stay away from giveaway sites where you can post your giveaway, you’ll only get VERY low quality leads from people nowhere near your target area.

Define your demographic which should match the same demographic you were thinking about when you identified what prize to give away.

Define the location you want to target. If the size is too big in terms of population make it even more targeted with the next step.

Define a specific interest within a location. Chances are this might narrow your contest to a amount of people that is too small but, may be necessary in some cases.

Expect to convert leads (email signups) for less than $2 a piece … In most cases it will be around $1 (sometimes even less).

Be willing to spend $100-500 on advertising. The more you spend the more signups you get. The more signups you get the more it will be shared by people who really want to win (this is where the viral factor comes into play). You may be able to get the local business involved in the giveaway and split the cost in advertising with you. If you negotiation something like this then don’t cut your budget in half, double it.

Bonus Idea: Buy a couple tickets for something that’s sold out and give it away. Generate buzz by contacting your local news paper, local bloggers, and advertising. Find out who your local influencers are and contact them. You have something to offer their audience for free. 

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