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Welcome to the greatest list of real estate post cards known to man!

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Prospect Plus

What we think: Awesome company, been in business since 1994 and has some great prices!





Vista Print

What we think: Great prices (as always!)… Not so great designs but, still decent enough to use.





Express Copy

What we think: Better designs then Vista print. Higher prices though. Designs might be worth it!





Postal Realtor

What we think: Decent designs. Cool that you can edit them online as well. Prices are OK but, not the cheapest.




Sparrow and jacobs

Sparrow and Jacobs

What we like about them: The actual designs themselves are not ‘jaw dropping’ but, the uniqueness makes up for it. As well as really great prices!




biz print solutions

Biz Print Solutions

What we like about them: Decent prices, not the cheapest. Lot’s of designs to choose from and they all look pretty good!




zazzle real estate post cards


What we like about them: A lot of cheap designs to choose from and a lot of them are pretty high quality! You will need to take these to a printer on your own though. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, if you build a relationship with a printer on your own you can generally get a better price.




breakthrough broker

Breakthrough Broker

What we like about them: It looks like they really understand the needs of a Realtor and their designs are really well thought through from an advertising perspective.





reamark real estate post cards


What we like about them: Not a lot! They have some good designs but, you really have to dig through a lot of bad ones for any good ones.




realty post card

Realty Post Card

What we like about them: Pretty good designs overall! Definitely worth checking out.




post card mania

Post Card Mania

What we like about them: Nothing really. They have a nice website with compelling writing that makes me want to buy their post cards but, the designs are pretty bad.






What we like about them: Great designs! Prices aren’t bad if you order a lot at print only. Check them out!


What we like about them: Not much. With such a great domain name, you would expect higher quality designs. Don’t use this company.





Lentz Design

Lentz Design

What we like about them: Pretty nice designs! Very simple and elegant. Prices are not the cheapest out of the list but, they are definitely competing with everyone else and definitely worth taking a quick look at. With all the choices around for real estate post cards, I might choose a different company then them though.




merrill shop

Merrill Shop

What we like about them: Actually, i’m not sure what I like. I don’t want to call the designs bad because they’re not and they have a big selection. What’s wrong is that I think the designs are just decent enough to be ok. They do the job and look nice. They don’t have a lot of thought from an advertising perspective though.



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That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed the post!

Leave a comment below and let us know which company you think has the best post cards!


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