The Best Real Estate Promotional Products & Items

Below is a handpicked list of the best real estate promotional products and items — updated for 2019.

We’ve only included real estate promotional products from trusted websites — and with good pricing.


Key Chains

4imprint has great prices on key chains. They’re not specifically for real estate, but it’s a cinch to put whatever logo you want on them!

real estate key chains

Use case: Custom key chains make one of the best real estate promotional products to have at an open house to give to people who are really interested in your services. People will get attached to these trinkets — literally.

DiscountMugs also has a huge and great selection, but they’re a little more expensive. Again, they’re not specifically designed for Realtors, but you can add your logo in a few clicks.

realtor key chain


Captain Notepad is an excellent source for traditional notepads. You can design them as a real estate promotional product at very reasonable prices.

real estate notepads

Use case: Door dropping! Who doesn’t have one of these in their house already? I’ve had them in mine since I was a little kid, and it’s exactly how my parents found their last real estate agent!

You can find more examples here and here. Some are more expensive — but the high quality is worth it.

Since many people keep notepads in their home office, this can be a nice complement to a digital real estate marketing strategy. They’ll have double reminders of your services!

Water Bottles

Be sure to check out the DiscountMugs water bottle page. Great prices and huge selection!

real estate water bottle

Use case: Cost can add up if you need a large volume. Save them to give out at a key event you’re going to — or one that you’re hosting that will be chock-full of high-quality leads.

Motivators has a great selection. Some can be expensive, but it’s quality stuff overall.

realtor water bottle

More beverage holders

For water, soda, cocktails, and more — check out these Customized Plastic Cups from Etsy. For your next open house, these pair perfectly with refreshments.

customized plastic mugs examples

Don’t forget beer glasses on and Customized Can Cozies from Etsy — particularly if you’re hosting the event outdoors.

And if you want to send your guests home with something, DiscountMugs offers (of course) mugs!


Allied Shirts can easily help you build your brand. For high-quality plain T-shirts, these are among the best prices we’ve found.

Use case: Customized T-shirts are great to have made for multiple reasons. One is having them for yourself! When you’re out door-knocking, you might want to wear a T-shirt with “#1 Realtor” printed on the back and your Twitter name on the front (e.g., @andrewgale). For a crowd, T-shirts are an excellent promotional product, too. Other people will become walking billboards for your business! Distribute them at midsized or large events, or give them as a closing gift to sellers/buyers.

real estate tshirt

If you don’t mind spending a bit more — and are committed to U.S.-made products — Custom Ink is another great option.

Also, don’t forget Etsy!


Check out PsPrint for a great selection and even better prices.

real estate stickers

Stickers are an awesome real estate promotional item because they’re just fun. At the very least, you can use them to slap on a water bottle (instead of buying custom water bottles).

For even higher quality, try StickerMule. As you might expect, they’re slightly pricier than the above selection.

realtor stickers

Pens & Office Supplies

We like Amsterdam Printing for its variety — everything from lighted, gel ink, and laser-engraved pens!

real estate pens

Use case: Starting at 10 cents, these are the least expensive promotional products you can get. For that reason, you can use them everywhere — open houses, other creative realtor events, or just casually having a handful in your bag to distribute when a friend or colleague is short.

We also like PENSRUS. They’re a notch up in price and quality — but also include pencils and a variety of other office products you can deliver in a professional setting.

realtor pens

Speaking of office products, Etsy has an excellent option for customized planners. Since many people (not just real estate agents) have flexible working situations these days, having a planner while you’re on the go is crucial for staying on top of tasks! If you create a personalized planner, your product will be in the hands of someone all day long.


Personalization Mall – expensive, but worth it!

real estate door mats

A customized doormat is an excellent real estate promotional product — but at this price point, they’re best for a select group of clients who have recently moved into a new place. Don’t brand it too heavily. A small logo in one of the corners is just the touch you need.

House Stress Ball

Everyone needs one of these. Create your own Custom Stress Balls for your real estate business clients and connections at DiscountMugs.

real estate stress ball

Use case: This is another promotional item that is a lot of fun. Stress balls are small, but they make a big difference in amusing and delighting people over the course of a day. Consider giving these items to potential business partners. They’ll think of you (and thank you) in-between tasks at work.

Quality Logo Products has an even better and more targeted selection for real estate agents.

realtor stress ball

Refrigerator Magnet

Build A Sign is a fun and affordable way to create magnets that your current and potential clients will see every morning when they open the fridge.

real estate magnents

Use case: It’s a fun gift, but if you want people to actually use it, you’re going to have to do more then just have your contact information on it. Look for a fun idea or an image that makes people smile when they look at it.

Check out VistaPrint for car door magnets, too! (For how cheap they are, it’s definitely worth buying one of these for your car, too.)


rushImprint has a vast array of options for your real estate promotional products. And what better party product than balloons?

custom real estate balloons

Use case: Tie a bunch of these outside your open house, and attach them to the signs leading to the open house. You could literally drive more traffic to the destination. This is a great — and inexpensive — way to get noticed even more.

Wine Opener

We’ve saved the best for last. Create custom wine openers as real estate promotional products. Here are three of our favorite ways to do so:

Enjoy! Everyone else will, too.

The best real estate promotional products show your passion and creativity.

Close to 2 million active real estate licenses exist in the United States. That’s 2 million competitors you need to stand out from. While many teams choose to put all of their efforts into an online real estate marketing strategy these days, mixing it up with tangible products is a great way to diversify.

Real estate promotional products are a cost-effective, fun, and potentially very valuable way to do so — if you really put your heart into it.

So try out the vast array of products above (it won’t break the bank to do so), and let us know what you think. Send pictures of your products and stories of your successes for others to learn from.

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