5 Tools To Increase Leads From Your Real Estate Website

Chances are your real estate website is losing 90%+ of its traffic. Here are some tools to help turn visitors into leads.


www.offerchat.com – free

 OfferChat is a free live chat you can install on your website to interact with your audience.

Live chats have been known to increase the amount of visitors that turn into leads as you can actually talk to people who are on your website right now. Normally these type of tools come with a hefty price tag but, we found an awesome one that’s free and at the very least is worth a try. Whenever you’re in the office just turn it on and start talking to anyone that might be on your website.



www.hellobar.com – free

 HelloBar is an easy to install ‘bar’ that sits on the top of your website/blog as you can see here on our blog.

Ours converts around 2%+/- of all users that see it and it took less than a minute to install. Ours directs to our product page but, you can have one capture emails for your real estate newsletter or have it send visitors to a lead capture page. Install this to easily increase your real estate lead generation


Exit Intent Popup

www.sumome.com – free

SumoMe is a free suite of tools you can install on your website, including a popup that works.

Having a ‘smart popup’ will target people that are highly engaged and most likely want to signup for your newsletter or leaving your website and it’s your last chance to get their contact information. Either way SumoMe is an easy way to increase your newsletter subscription and ultimately your sphere of influence.


eBook Offers

www.mailchimp.com – free

 Use mailchimp to setup an ‘autoresponder’ and anyone who signs up for your email list will automatically get an eBook.

This is very helpful for getting more leads from your website because sometimes just having a newsletter subscription isn’t enough for people to sign up for. Give them an incentive that they actually want and you should get more signups from your website. Try to incorporate any eBook offers into your real estate blog ideas.


User Testing

www.usertesting.com – $49

User testing sends real people to your website and they record their sessions. This is huge for seeing how your website actually impacts people and what type of first impression you’re giving off.

When turning visitors into leads it’s important to understand everything about your website.

Do people understand your navigation?

Is it easy to identify where you want visitors to click?

Is your site visually appealing?



Hearing from direct recorded sessions on where people are getting confused about your site or what people really like about your real estate website will help you with design and how to convert more visitors into leads.

Using these tools together will help you increase the amount of leads you get from your real estate website but, the key is to always be testing new ideas you have. Try different offers, use different layouts, test different headlines and always be optimizing your website. Today it might convert 10% of total visitors, tomorrow 20%. Those gains you make today are yours forever.

Have any tools that help you? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Thanks a lot Andrew for this blog. I was searching for such kind of techniques that can improve our lead generation method. Its really nice to get all these tools at one web page.


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