11 Cold Calling Script Examples for Realtors Ahead of 2020

Cold calling scripts for realtors is something every agent should have in their arsenal.  Real estate cold calling scripts are a tool that agents have been using forever.  With that being said, it is the one lead generation tactics that most real estate professionals both don’t like and just feel they don’t know how to do well.  There is hope, though, for overcoming your fears of cold calling.  It takes practice to get to a comfortable spot with calling someone “out of the blue”.  In this article, we cover 11 great examples of cold calling scripts and how to successfully implement them when you are making phone calls.

Cold calling scripts for realtors: What you must know before you pick up the phone

Before you ever call a prospect, you need to be prepared with all the essential information.  Nothing will make you look worse than calling someone without having done your research. So, impress your prospect by knowing all the details about their property.

Here are the basics:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Mortgage Info
  • What the condition of the property is
  • Title
  • History

Now that you have all your ducks in a row, it’s time to put those real estate cold calling scripts to use.

Here are 11 of our top picks for cold calling scripts for realtors.

1.  Expired Listing Script – A must-have cold calling script for realtors

When it comes to expired listings, you can expect that the homeowner has been called by multiple realtors.  They have probably already been called the same day you plan on picking up the phone.  For this reason, you need to stand out from the competition.

Here are some ways you can help yourself stand out:

  • Show you understand their situation and where they are coming from:  Listen attentively and pay close attention to the feeling in their voice.
  • Repeat back to them: Show your prospect that you are listening by repeating and affirming what they have said to you.
  • Ask straightforward questions about what they are ultimately looking to achieve and the solutions you can offer to help them get there:  You want to tell them exactly how your solutions can help solve their exact problem.

Expired listing script

Hi, is this (XYZ)? Hi, (XYZ)…my name is (ABC) a local real estate agent….and I was calling about your house for sale… I guess you’re
aware by now that the MLS is showing your home is OFF the market…Click here to see the rest of this great script.

This script by Kevin Ward of Yesmasters.com has been used successfully many times over and has become the go-to script that most others are based on.  You will notice that the conversation flows naturally and a lot of the focus is on asking probing questions as opposed to just selling.

2. LIVE Expired Listing Script Call with Kevin Ward

Here is Kevin Ward showing you how to handle a cold call for an expired listing and do so successfully.  Notice his tone and energy.  He comes across as enthusiastic and with a powerful voice.  Also notice that he asks a lot of questions.

3. FSBO Listing Script – A must cold calling script for realtors

real estate cold calling scripts

[Image by snapwire via Pexels.com]

FSBO’s or for sale by owner, are some of the best real estate lead sources.  You already know they are looking to sell and they are motivated.  The only thing they don’t know is that they want YOU as their agent.  One of the best FSBO scripts is one by Tom Ferry and it goes something like this:

Hi, I’m looking for the owner of the home for sale. This is (XYZ) with (XYZ company).  Click here to see the rest of the script.

4. Live FSBO Script

As you can see from listening, this is a simple and easy FSBO script that will have you getting appointments and boosting your real estate sales in no time.  What makes it so successful is that you are not being pushy at all.  Potential clients on the receiving end don’t feel like you are giving them a canned script either.  The conversation flows naturally and you will come across as being helpful as opposed to another agent looking for a new listing.

5.  Real Estate Internet Lead Script

When you are dealing with online real estate leads, your goal is to set up a face-to-face meeting.  Just make sure to tell them that you are reaching out because THEY asked you for more information about a listing.  You want to use this as your reference point from the get-go so that any tension that may be present will dissipate.  See if they have had a chance to review the requested information and if not, try and set up a time to call back to further discuss.

Hi, I’m (XYZ) with (XYZ real estate company).  I received your information from a form you filled out online requesting information on (XYZ). Do you recall filling out this form? Is now a good time to talk? (wait and listen).  

6. Real Estate Internet Lead Scripts – Live video call

This is a great example of how to help your conversion numbers and follow up on online real estate leads.  Notice how she continually asks questions so that the person knows she has a genuine interest in their situation.

7. Probate Script

real estate cold calling scripts

[Photo by bruce mars from Pexels]

Any time a property is in probate, you are dealing with a tough situation.  People are grieving and dealing with a ton of legal and personal decisions.  If you can get one of these real estate leads from someone you know, that will help build trust off the bat when you call.  If you do call and it is clearly not a good time, follow up with another call at a later date.

Here is a script to follow:

Hi, I’m (ABC) with (XYZ real estate company).  Am I speaking with the homeowner?  

8.  Probate Live Cold Call

This video is super helpful.  You are not going to get a script but you will get great tips on how to approach a probate lead.

9.  Circle Prospecting Script

Circle prospecting involves contacting people within a specific geography and asking them for business.  CLME offers Real Estate Farming Training and recommends their script to successfully build and grow your business.

10. Circle Prospecting Live Cold Call

This is a great example of how to handle a cold call.  Notice how the call is fun and light-hearted.  You want to give off the best energy possible.  Closing the deal is the ultimate goal but you want to show your eagerness to help first.

11. How to approach door knocking for the win

This video gives you all the tips and tricks you need to make door knocking a successful strategy for you.  Just keep in mind these two details: You want to land an appointment with people who are hot and ready to buy or sell right now.  Second,  you want to connect with those people to get their contact info so you can establish yourself as their “go-to agent”.

Not all cold calling scripts for realtors are equal

Picking up the phone and calling someone out of the blue is no easy feat.  Nevertheless, it is essential as a real estate agent if you want to grow your business.  The above real estate cold calling scripts will put you on a path to booking more appointments, closing more deals and taking your career to the next level.

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