10 Tips For A Successful Real Estate Listing Presentation

Coming up with great real estate listing presentations is key to converting leads and growing your business.  You want to make sure you have all the key details you need to make your pitch as effective as possible.  If you do this, they will see you as the best agent for the job.

Below are 10 listing presentation tips to help you convert more leads.

1. Know your customer and their needs

Prior to entering a listing appointment, it is important to have an idea of who your potential client is.  This is where social media comes in handy. Check out their profile to get a feel for who they are.  Perhaps you can find some common ground that you can build some rapport around.

You also want to pre-qualify them prior to your appointment.  You want to know all the details about their situation so that your presentation resonates with them.    What does their selling timeline look like? etc.

You then want to move on to the property details.  You should be looking at things like square footage, number of rooms, total acreage, when the home was built, how many owners it has had, any renovations that have been done and if they plan on selling the home as is.

2. Include details from the local housing market

Before your listing presentation, you should thoroughly research pricing including relevant comps and a complete market analysis.  By doing this, you will be able to confidently answer questions on pricing which will also help you stand out in the sellers’ eyes. There are lots of figures you should be including in your presentation.  The number of homes that have sold in the area, pricing and value figures for your market.  Any information that will help the seller make more informed decisions should be included.   You can get this info from your local Realtors Association or any other housing related organization.

3. Give details on comparable home sales

As you are researching the local market, a big focus should be on comparable home sales from the past year. See if you can come up with about half-dozen homes that have sold in your client’s city or region. You want to make sure they are as similar as possible to your client’s home so that you are providing a solid comparison.

Here are some comparisons you want to look at:

  • Size of the home  (total number of rooms and square footage)
  • Unique features ( pool, chef’s kitchen, high ceilings)
  • Pricing  (both initial and final sales price)

4. Add testimonials from satisfied clients

Testimonials from satisfied clients is a big part of a successful listing  presentation deck. Social proof is not only a great lead generator but also an effective lead nurturing tool.  Go through your testimonials and positive reviews and select the best ones.  Try and choose ones from clients that most match your current seller.  As the current seller sees you have successfully helped someone else in a similar home to theirs, their confidence level in choosing you as their agent goes up.

5. Share your marketing plan

How you plan to market the home is a main focus of your presentation.  You want to make sure you  are conveying to your client the unique approaches you will be using to sell their home.  A seller wants to know you are doing anything you can to get them top dollar for their home so your plan really is super important.

Here are just some marketing details to think about:

  • Amazing photos is a must in marketing a home and they will make your real estate flyers really pop!
  • Put together a listing video
  • A compelling listing description
  • Social media and newsletter marketing
  • Paid advertising

6. Show your value

You need to sell yourself during a listing presentation.  Potential clients want to know what you are going to bring to the table.

Here are some ways you can set yourself apart from the competition: 

  • Make sure you have a  website that is not only professional but responsive (resizes itself depending on the type of device it is being seen through).
  • Provide a detailed marketing plan.
  • Your satisfied clients help sell your value with leads.  Share videos or photos of satisfied past clients.
  • Talk about what sets you apart:  great negotiation and communication skills, highly organized, exceptional service, in-depth knowledge of the area.  You know your attributes best so let them shine here.

7. Dress for the job

Dressing for success in real estate should fall under professional, comfortable and confident.

Here are some other details to  keep in mind:

  • You can never go wrong with business casual.  A suit or pantsuit will always do the trick .
  • Give thought to your market and the weather.
  • Think about the seller you are meeting.  Are they super casual? If so, coming really dressed up is not the answer.  Something more understated but still professional would be the route to go.

The key here is to look in the mirror and feel that what you are wearing will show your clients you are a successful and dedicated agent.

8. Stand tall and watch your body language

Confident body language is key to your presentation.   No one feels super confident all the time but it is possible to tap into that feeling.  Try and think back to when you have converted leads in the past and how you felt during the pitch.  Using that memory can help you continue to win new business.  Think about your posture, hand movements and maintaining eye contact with the seller.

9.  Don’t be too agreeable

Saying yes to every request from a seller will not lead to a good outcome.  Yes you want their business but what may end up happening is you can’t keep your promises and now your client will question your abilities and may even fire you.   Be open and upfront with what they can expect from the process.

10. Always finish your pitch

You may get the feeling that your prospect is not responding positively to your presentation based on body language, but always keep going.  You need to stay confident and on point for the entire pitch.  You never really know what someone is thinking.  They could very well be interested but they are just not giving you the cues you look for.


If you want to convert more leads and build up your business, you need to create great listing presentations.  Follow the above tips to help make your presentations more successful and show your seller leads you are the best agent for the job. 

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