Ultimate Guide to Creating Real Estate Flyers

Real estate flyers may seem like a relic of another age, back when buyers were at the mercy of agents and social media was but a distant future technology. But they are still an effective strategy to make contact with potential buyers, drive leads, and promote yourself as a real estate agent.

It takes a bit of effort and time to create a professional real estate flyer, but it’s not hard. The team at FlyerCo is here with a few tips on how to market your real estate business and make a real estate flyer that will help you move more listings.

What Are Real Estate Flyers?

Real estate flyers are typically one-sheet flyers used to promote a single listing, many listings, or an event you might be holding such as an open house. They can be done in any style but typically include one or more representative photos and a description that includes important selling points for the property.

Do Flyers Work In Real Estate?

do real estate flyer work

Yes! Even in this digital age, flyers and any other type of print material still matter. Paper real estate flyers can get more eyes on listings, and platforms such as Flyerco will help you design your flyer as well as share it on digital channels such as social media and email.

Understanding how to create a real estate flyer using professional techniques and tried-and-tested templates can give you a huge advantage over your competitors, driving engagement and boosting sales.

What Should a Real Estate Flyer Say?

How do you create custom real estate flyers that make the sale? The first step is to focus on the basic details.

Attention-Grabbing Headline and Subtitle

The perfect real estate flyer captures attention and makes potential buyers read on. What’s the biggest selling point of the property? Is it a big yard, great neighborhood schools, access to a bike trail, or something else?

Use the subtitle to introduce additional selling points. Don’t get too distracted by witty wordplay, though. Use words and phrases on your real estate flyer that create an image and clearly convey real information about the property.

For example, instead of “attractive,” say “family-friendly,” “luxury,” or “scenic.” Think of how the house stands out from the rest of the properties on the market.

Property Description

Your description should give detailed information about property features while using some evocative language that allows potential buyers to imagine themselves in the listing. For example, “Cook dinner on the luxury range and enjoy your meal in the eat-in kitchen”.


taking house photos

Photos capture attention and show off property features better than any text could! Don’t just rely on images from your phone – use a quality high-resolution camera or hire a professional.

High-quality images are an absolute must if you’re planning to print out your real estate flyers – images appear fuzzier on paper than on a computer screen.


The asking price is often located prominently on your real estate flyers. However, this isn’t always the case – while listing sheets and single listings usually include a price, an open-house flyer may or may not mention the price.

Prospective buyers will often check to see if the house is within their budget before reading anything else in your marketing materials. If you’re going to include the price on your flyer, don’t talk yourself out of a sale by making the cost hard to find!

Contact Details

Give your readers multiple ways to get in touch. Include a phone number (indicate whether it accepts texts) along with a website address, email, and street address. State your contact availability, too.

Call to Action

Give your readers a little nudge to take the next step with a CTA. “Come to the open house,” “Scan the QR code for more details,” or “Check out other properties online,” are just a few examples.

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How Do You Make Your Real Estate Flyer Stand Out?

real estate flyer standout

So, you’ve got the basics down. But how do you create truly memorable real estate marketing flyers?

  • Branding. Make sure your business branding carries over to your real estate flyer. Include your business logo, as well as any distinctive fonts or colors.
  • Add a QR Code. A QR code lets readers open up the property listing on their phone, allowing them to see more photos, send it to a friend or family member, or simply choose to browse the listing at a later time.
  • Extras. Do you offer a virtual tour for the listing? Discounts on closing costs? Make sure to mention any little extras you have to offer in your real estate flyer text.

How Do You Use Flyers in Real Estate?

Once you know how to make real estate flyers, you have a host of distribution options. For an open house, it often makes sense to post them on a bulletin board at a local business, or even on lamp posts.

Flyers can also be used in a direct mail marketing strategy. A person can’t ignore physical mail about a listing the way they can ignore spam email.

You can also have flyers of your listings available at your storefront business – you never know who might walk in.

And last, but not least important, you’ll want to make sure you have a digital version of your flyers available on your website or social media.

FlyerCo has a superb range of templates for creating real estate flyers that deliver – learn more about our service and discover our exciting designs by getting in touch!

Can You Make Your Own Flyers as a Real Estate Agent?

When you have professional real estate flyer templates, it’s easy to be your own sales flyer maker.

Look for a real estate flyer template that’s easy to use, doesn’t require the download of any additional software, and gives you a high-quality PDF copy that looks great in print.

Why Should You Use Real Estate Flyers?

Even though many people find real estate listings on their phones today, professional flyers remain a tried-and-tested business marketing strategy that gets results. Here’s why.

Get Attention

In a paperless world, a paper flyer can get attention. It can make your property stand out in the minds of prospective buyers.

The internet can be a segmented place, with each of us living in our own personal algorithmic bubble. Sending out print flyers with your logo in the mail or posting them in a neighborhood is one way to pierce that bubble and get eyeballs on a property listing.

New buyers can get sucked into looking at the same kinds of properties. But seeing images on your flyer may allow them to picture themselves in your listing, even if it doesn’t fit the features they’re looking for on paper.

Generate Prospective Buyer Leads

real estate flyer generate leads

Getting attention is one thing, but generating solid leads and sales for your properties is another. Thankfully, flyers can do the latter.

A well-designed sales flyer presents a professional image and can make a buyer feel more secure about purchasing a house. Buying a home is a big deal and new buyers want to feel like they can trust a real estate agent.

Promote Your Real Estate Brand

While the #1 job of a flyer is to sell a property, it’s also a good way to promote your professional brand as an agent. Someone who sees your flyer may not be interested in buying the home but may be interested in your services as a real estate agent.

That’s why it pays off to style your flyer carefully and choose the best real estate flyer template – you want to put your best foot forward with prospective homeowners and sellers.

A listing flyer is also a way of representing yourself to other agents. Another agent may be more willing to do business with you if they notice your professional image.

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Using a Real Estate Flyer in Your Marketing Strategy: Best Practices

So how do you create a good real estate flyer? Here’s the answer:

  • Understand your objectives
  • Plan your distribution strategy in advance
  • Work with the first-class real estate flyer team at FlyerCo to ensure you get results!

Let’s break down your strategy and best practices.

1. Choose Your Real Estate Flyer Template

There’s a wide range of real estate flyer templates out there, and while they might all look alike at first glance, be choosy.

Make sure you go with a real estate flyer template that’s easy to customize. You want one that’s easy to brand with your logos, font, and style. Free templates, in particular, often lack customizable options.

You should look for real estate flyer templates that make it easy for you to insert your own images.

2. Move Buyers to Action

What do you want buyers to do after they see your real estate flyer? Call for a showing? Attend an open house?

Get clear on what you want the reader to do and then add a call to action to your real estate flyer to nudge them towards it. For open houses, it’s also important that the date, time, and address are prominently placed and easy to read.

3. Post Your Real Estate Flyer Everywhere – Including Online!

The ideal real estate flyer is one that you can post everywhere, both online and offline.

You should choose a real estate flyer template that allows you to download a high-resolution copy that looks great in print. Ideally, you want to choose a platform that allows you to seamlessly post your flyer on digital channels too – that way, you know that all of your flyers will have maximum exposure with both an online and offline presence.

Get the Edge with FlyerCo!

sold house by realtor

Experienced real estate agents know that flyers get results. When you’re looking for the perfect real estate flyer template, don’t simply choose the first free one you see. Go with a template site that has a proven sales track record and the features you need.

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