Six Of The Most Helpful Online Communities For Real Estate Professionals

As busy real estate professionals, accessing education and information on the go is essential.  For this reason, online communities are a great source for quality information on best practices, trends and other issues relevant to being a real estate agent.  Below is a handy list of our favorite online communities for real estate professionals.

Reddit For Real Estate

This popular reddit forum has over 225,000 members and is for both homeowners and real estate investors.  Around since 2008, followers turn to this forum for information on everything from investing to mortgages and foreclosures.  Popular topics include ones like Financing issues for first time home buyers and Tips from a first time home owner 1 year in.

Bigger Pockets

Real Estate Agent Forums: Realtor Networking, Questions, Marketing & Advice | BiggerPockets

This real estate agent forum with over 62,000 posts is a networking place for licensed agents.  They come here to learn about marketing strategies and other real estate related topics.  Some popular posts include What is the best car for new real estate agent? and What is the down end on becoming a Realtor

NARS Young Professionals Network

As a part of the National Association of Realtors, this group was started so YPN’ers (young professionals network) could have a gathering place for realtors to share their knowledge and learn from one another.  They cover topics including referral requests, event ideas and what they have going in their networks.

Lab Coat Agents

Lab Coat Agents has 130,000 members and is made up of a group of real estate agents and other industry leaders.  The goal of the group is to share the best ideas surrounding lead generation, lead conversion and any other helpful tips and techniques to boost business growth.

LinkedIn Real Estate Professional Group

Created in 2008, this LinkedIn group has over 104,000 members. This is a one stop shop for dedicated real estate professionals who are interested in educating consumers and other real estate professionals with their knowledge.

CRE Online

CRE’s forum is dedicated to everything related to real estate investing.  Members can ask questions and discuss real estate investments. Popular topics include What are the best home improvements/repairs?  and What are some good ways to invest in real estate for any area?.

As real estate professionals, there is always a need to keep learning and growing in order to stay competitive.  For this reason, joining online communities like the ones mentioned above will help keep you abreast of the constantly evolving real estate industry.

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