25 Real Estate Twitter Accounts and Hashtags to Follow

Following the best real estate Twitter accounts can help your social media marketing strategy have more success.

If you are not currently using this platform, you should be. Building up a presence on Twitter will allow you to connect with followers and further build relationships.  You can share photos from properties and neighborhoods, share upcoming open houses as well as engage with other real estate professionals.

If you are looking for some inspiration on who to follow, here are some of the best real estate Twitter accounts.

5 Expert real estate Twitter accounts to follow

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If you are a real estate investor, BiggerPockets is the Twitter account to follow.  They have been featured in publications like Forbes and are one of the best resources on the internet for investors.

Their 57k followers subscribe to their feed for posts like tips for landlords facing a downward trend in rent payments.

National Association of REALTORS®N

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NARS is known by every realtor as the key industry group to be a part of.  Their Twitter account does not disappoint either.  They share tons of useful information for brokers, agents and executives alike.

Their 312k followers show up daily for posts like @DocuSign’s free webinar.   

Bill Gassett

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Bill Gassett is one of the top 5 RE/MAX agents in MA for the last ten years. He is known as an industry leader when it comes to social media marketing.

He provides a wealth of information on his website and blog and his 30k+ followers turn to him for his Twitter posts like “How to Sell a House After A Relative Dies“.

Tom Ferry

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Tom Ferry is considered one of the top real estate industry influencers.

He is both a real estate coach and trainer and has built a very successful business helping other real estate professionals advance their careers.

On Twitter, people follow him for his motivational advice like his #MindsetMonday where he gives tips on how to take control of your mindset and wellbeing.  

Inman News

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Inman news is one of the most respected real estate industry publications.

They have been the go-to source for everything real estate since 1996 and their Twitter followers turn to them for useful posts like “3 reasons your listing isn’t selling and how to fix them“.

Top 20 real estate hashtags to follow

Using hashtags is an integral part of any social media marketing plan.

When it comes to using them on Twitter, they do count towards your word count which means you can’t use that many. Maybe one or two usually.  In addition, if users want to follow certain #hashtags, they need to use a third party app like TweetDeck.

When looking for popular hashtags on Twitter, you want to look to the left of your feed in the “trends” column.  This will show topics that are trending with relation to what you typically post about and the people you follow. Since you are posting real estate content and who you follow falls into the real estate space, that “trending” section will be a great resource.

So what are some guidelines for proper hashtag usage?  Here are a few:

  • Don’t go overboard: Make sure the hashtags are related.
  • Make them fun: If you are #happy that you sold something.  Share that.
  • Highlight property features: Use hashtags that highlight a listing’s best features.

20 popular real estate hashtags you should be using

  1. #realty
  2. #mansion
  3. #realestate
  4. #listing
  5. #luxuryliving
  6. #HUDhome
  7. #Realtors
  8. #NAR
  9. #luxuryrealestate
  10. #brokerage
  11. #greatvalue
  12. #foreclosure
  13. #househunting
  14. #makememove
  15. #homegoals
  16. #housegoals
  17. #investmentproperty
  18. #emptynest
  19. #broker
  20. #realestateagent

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