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After interviewing a couple agents using free home evaluations as their main source of seller leads, we’ve started to fall in love with the idea of using them for lead generation.

That’s right, you probably have one of these somewhere on your real estate website. The key is using them as one of your main sources for new seller leads.

If you don’t have one of these lead capture pages, we highly suggest trying listings2leads (we are in no way affiliated with them).

Directing traffic to your home evaluation page from sources such as Facebook ads targeted by demographics and locations works amazingly. One of the most basic headlines that is converting really well is as simple as:

“What is your home worth?”

With an attractive image ad to pull in the prospects from the main Facebook newsfeed.

(no mobile, or right advertising bar)

What makes free home evaluations so important?

The sellers are clarifying their intent from the start. It’s the same reason Google gets to charge so much for Adwords. When you buy PPC from Google Adwords, you know the exact intent of the searcher. If they’re typing “Sell my house in Orange County, California” – It’s very likely that they’re looking to sell their house. Because of that you have huge competition over those keywords which drive up the prices.

You’re getting close to the same value from paid Facebook ads when a real estate prospect takes the time to click your advertisement, go to your website and fill out their address. There is probably a good reason that their spending all that time completing these actions to get a home consultation. At the very least, you’re going to be able to connect with these users and know that they’re seller leads.

We’ve seen these type of advertisements converting anywhere between $1-2 per lead. With those type of conversion rates, it’s a great way to build up your database with sellers to nurture over time. Along with building your database, if you stay consistent with your advertising you’ll find some sellers looking to sell soon… It’s a win-win.

Don’t hide it on your website

A lot of real estate websites have MLS as their main focus with golden nuggets like the home evaluation hidden behind layers of their navigation. This could be a huge mistake making your website lose leads everyday by not converting the ones that are already on it.

The average person gives a new website 8 seconds or less to either convince them to stay or leave. Using MLS search as the main attention grabber on your homepage isn’t attracting any of your sellers but, having a free home evaluation might change things.

Most importantly, follow up the same day

This should be a golden rule for every business in the world that does lead generation, especially online.

Has someone ever owed you money? What happens if they don’t pay you back right away? As time goes on it seems less important to them. When they were in need and you were there, they would swear on anything that they would pay you back. Then as time goes on, they seem to forget why they borrowed money in the first place and you fall down a couple places on the ladder.

It’s the same thing with leads. You need to respond the minute after you deliver value and while your brand is still fresh in your prospects mind. It’s a lot easier to mark your email as spam tomorrow than it is today after you just gave me something awesome for free.

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