FlyerCo Public Beta Launch!

Were excited to announce the launch of public beta of FlyerCo.

The product is still in it’s early stages and we have a long way to go with our feature set, this is just the start.

Some of our upcoming features (in order) you will see in the coming weeks are:

  • Easy social sharing
  • Lead capture
  • Auto fill on flyers
  • Two Sided Flyers
  • Colored flyers

Now that we have the major bugs worked out with FlyerCo we can start moving fast and bringing you features that you love and will set us a part from any tool you’ve ever used before.

Pricing starts at $9/mo as were still in beta and the product is still changing. Any accounts paid for now will be grandfathered into any pricing changes. Meaning you’ll never be charged more as our prices increase.

Thank you for your support.

The journey is just starting.

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