8 Ways To Optimize Your Instagram Account For Your Real Estate Business

If you are in the real estate industry, you understand full well the crucial role social media plays in building trust not only with your current clients but your future clients as well.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing networking sites that can really be a great lead generator if you maximize your online presence properly.

Below are eight tips on how you can optimize your real estate business Instagram account.

Change over to a business profile

When you change over to a business account, you will gain access to a lot of valuable data.  This includes clicks, traffic stats, graphs, charts and more.  You will also be able to get demographic data which is key to understanding who your target audience is and you can in turn adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

Sometimes accessing and understanding Instagram analytics can be tricky: which is why you should consult an Instagram marketing guide.

Add keywords to your username

When it comes to choosing a username it should be your name or the name of your business since this is how people know you and how they will search for you.  With that being said,  the only thing you may want to add on are specific keywords that help identify you further.  This could be things like what your real estate niche is, where you practice real estate, are you known for a certain specialty?

When someone searches for you in Google, it uses your profile name, username and bio in its search results. Profiles that have a specific keyword in the name rank highest when performing a search on both Google and Instagram.   As an example, if your name was Chris Stevens, you could do something like ChrisStevens_Hollywood (if that was your area) or ChrisStevens_Realty to highlight your niche.

Write your bio

When it comes to writing your bio, you want to emphasize how you can help people and be sure to also include your contact information. Too many agents write bios that are too personal.  For example “I live in New York.  I am a full time realtor and a mom and I love cats.  Call me if you need a real estate agent”.  What that bio fails to convey is what you have to offer a potential client.  Instead, you need to think about your audience and what value you can bring to the table.

Here’s a good example:

“I love to help people find their dream home & homeowners sell for top dollar. Thinking of buying or selling? Call or text me anytime! 555-123-4567”.

With this example, you are clearly stating what you have to offer should someone use you as their real estate agent.

Upload a professional headshot

Social media is all about making personal connections so using an old listing photo or a business logo is not the way to go.  A picture says a thousand words so make yours work for you.  Post a current professional headshot that is vibrant and friendly.  By doing this, people get a sense of who you are as a person and it will also help people remember you better.

Pick your color palette and fonts

Whether it is the camera filters and color scheme you use or how often you are posting, you want to keep a level of consistency.  By using the same branding over and over again people will begin to recognize your brand as they scroll through your feed.

Delete irrelevant images and videos

If you have any photos or video that are not relevant to your brand, delete them.  You want to make sure you are posting valuable and relevant content so that you are attracting potential clients.

Always post beautiful images

Storytelling is a key component of what you are trying to achieve on Instagram. Share high quality photos of beautiful properties including sneak peeks and behind the scenes that showcase interesting features about the property.  Of course you should also be showcasing any upcoming listings.  Keeping your feed filled with these types of photos lets potential buyers not only know about new listings but tells them you are active in the market.  Avoid stock photos wherever possible and keep the filtering to a minimum.

Bonus tip:  Canva is a great tool that is easy to use and can help you create beautiful pictures. It comes pre-installed with a wide variety of professionally designed Instagram templates.   Just be sure you are keeping your colors, fonts, and filters consistent with your brand.

Schedule out your content

We know by now that consistency is key to having a successful social media presence.  Your posting schedule needs to be consistent so that your audience knows what to expect.  If you post one day and then do not post for another week, you are not generating brand recognition and people will start to abandon your account.  Being in the real estate business means your schedule is all over the place.  For this reason, scheduling your posts to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is key.  This will not only achieve consistency but also free up your time to focus on more important tasks.

Have any tips to add to the list.  Mention them in the comments below!


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