10 Real Estate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

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The real estate industry is very competitive and having the right marketing strategy is crucial to separating yourself from your competitors. Mistakes are inevitable, but also preventable.

Here are 10 common marketing mistakes to avoid that real estate agents make.

1.Not using social media

Using social media as part of your marketing strategy is crucial.  It provides a great way for agents to expand their business by allowing for instant connection with current clients, potential clients and also other real estate agents and brokers.  By engaging on social media you are greatly enhancing your reputation as well as positioning yourself as an industry expert. This will all lead to increased traffic and leads. One thing you do not want to do is automate this part of your marketing strategy. You need to be managing your account so that you can engage with your followers, answer questions, find out their needs and ultimately stand above the competition.

2. Your listing descriptions fall short

The language you use in your listing descriptions holds the power to draw in and keep prospective buyers interested.  Failing to describe the property well can really take away from the effectiveness of your listing. When you are generating a listing description, give thought to the details you would want to know like square footage, school ratings, amenities etc.

3. Focus on a niche

Trying to be a real estate agent for all types of buyers and sellers may seem like the smart way to go, but focusing on a specific niche will prove much more effective for your marketing strategy. Location, home type, age group and buyer/seller type are just a few ways to segment out an audience to focus on.  Become a pro in whatever niche you pick rather than being average at all of them.

4. Having an Unresponsive Website

Your website is an extension of your business card.  Make sure it is making the best impression possible. As we all know by now, most people begin their search online when they are looking to purchase a home. It is crucial your website works properly not only on a desktop computer but across all mobile devices.

5. Not giving enough attention to SEO

Now that you have developed your real estate website, you need to optimize it in order for it to be found and appropriately ranked in the search engines. Successfully executing key SEO tactics is how you get your website to the top of the first search page.  Factors like proper keyword usage, website structure and rich content are all important when it comes to building out your website.  With that being said, search engine optimization isn’t a one time and forget it thing.  It is an ongoing process that requires attention if you want to stay at the top.

6. Neglecting your local market

When promoting yourself online, make sure you are including the neighborhood and city names as a part of your keywords. Agents who target a specific area will draw in better leads and experience higher rankings with the search engines. It may seem like using more general keywords like “homes for sale” in your marketing campaigns would do the job but people are searching for specific criteria when it comes to house shopping.  They are searching under terms like “3-bedroom home for sale near me”. You want the motivated buyers, not just more visitors.

7. Your website does not have a blog

Having a blog on your website is key to generating more traffic as well as engagement with prospective customers. Each time you put up a new blog post, you are adding an extra page to be indexed in the search engines.  For this reason it is very important to post consistently. Doing so sends out a message to Google and all the other search engines that your site is being actively updated and to check back often for updates.  Just make sure you are putting out valuable content that will keep readers coming back for more.

8. Not segmenting your email marketing

Using drip email campaigns (aka automatic email campaigns) is a key tool used to generate more business. In order for this to be successful, they must be targeted.  Otherwise they will end up in the junk mail folder. Take the time to divide your audience, evaluate their needs, and only send out pertinent information. By doing this, you will build better relationships with your customers as well as reach those that are ready to buy and sell much faster.

9. Not giving enough attention to relationship marketing

Never underestimate the power of relationships when it comes to your real estate business.  Many agents tend to focus on the short-term and they miss out on cultivating customer loyalty.  Whether it is sending out a note of gratitude or a thoughtful gift.  Showing your appreciation for your clients goes a long way. A customer who is satisfied and feels appreciated can generate more leads than many other forms of marketing.

10. You do not analyze your marketing results

If you are not measuring your results, you have no idea if your efforts are working or not and you are just wasting time and money. Google Analytics is free and can be easily installed on your website. This will help you keep track of the number of people that visit your website.

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