Seven Real Estate Marketing Companies That Can Help Supercharge Your Listings

Real estate marketing companies assist agents in marketing their listings via social media, online directories and other digital marketing mediums.  Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned realtor, these real estate marketing companies will help you create a successful marketing plan.

Here are seven real estate companies to help take your marketing to the next level

As a real estate agent, you probably don’t have much expertise as an online marketing authority. If you are really looking to grow your business and take it to the next level, you need a real estate marketing expert.

1.  Flyerco


A beautifully designed real estate flyer is still one of the best ways to create buzz about a property.  Designed effectively,  a great real estate flyer can really help grow your business.  They can be used in everything from email campaigns to online marketing and social media promotions.

FlyerCo’s templates offer easy-to-use customizable options as well as ready-to-go templates.  They are easy to design and have options for every style of property.  From simple flyer designs to flyers for luxury properties, you will easily find something fitting for your listing.  All you have to do is add your property information and images and you’re flyer will be ready to go.

Why people like it:  It is super easy to create beautiful real estate flyers with all their template options.  Also, their customer service is responsive and helpful.

2. Placester


If you are looking to be more efficient, trying out a service like Placester is a great option.  They offer a comprehensive real estate marketing system, that includes internet data exchange (IDX) listings, a blogging platform, advanced property search, custom website templates, as well as unlimited sites and pages. Paid plans begin at $99 per month for NARs members  and $125 per month for non Nars members.

Why people like it:  It is an all in one solutions that is user friendly and affordable. Their customer support staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

3. Real Geeks 

Real Geeks

The more properties you have to sell, the more opportunities to make money.  Real Geeks helps by capturing seller leads with their home valuation tool.  You can set it up on your website and sellers can submit their email address to find out what their home is worth.  They will then be prompted to sign up for a valuation report.  If they abandon the process prior to completing the sign-up, you will still get the email  address.  Click here for a home valuation tool demo.

Why people like it:  They offer a robust set of features with their valuation tool. Their pricing is affordable and the tool is user-friendly.

4. Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing

If you are using Facebook ads but aren’t quite sure the best way to make them work for you, then Lyfe Marketing can help you.  They will assist you in figuring out who your target customers so you can maximize clicks and generate more leads.

Why people like it:  It is a one stop shop for everything related to social media management. Their customer support staff knows the products inside and out and they are always very helpful.

 5. Matterport


Matterport offers a  digital real estate tool that help showcase homes in a whole new light. They are revolutionizing the way buyers tour and view homes. Specifically, they offer a 3D data platform that creates digital twins of any physical space. This amazing tool provides a way to experience a property online that is both realistic and immersive. Potential buyers feel like they’re really there.

Why people like it:  Their solution is user friendly and their online training is comprehensive.  The virtual tours in 3D offer an experience close to reality.

6. Snappa


The quality of your images and graphics needs to be high-quality.  This is essential to presenting your real estate brand effectively online. With Snappa, you don’t have to be a graphic designer.  Their tools and templates allow you to easily create graphics for your social media, blogs, display ads and more.

Why people like it: Their platform offers tutorials in both video and text formats making this tool easy to use.  The ads come out very professional and the whole process is fast.

7. Parkbench


Parkbench is a hyper-local real estate lead and referral-generating platform.  If you are looking to grow your presence within your community, then this service is for you. They provide you with an online platform (like a website) for your  local community and show you how to reach out to business owners and local influencers.  They will provide you with content like local news, deals, and events for your website.  This in turn will help you attract potential real estate clients.

Why people like it: Amazing customer service team that is very well-informed and helpful.  Their platform provides a great way to get more exposure with local business owners and become more visible and active in the community. .

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