Real Estate Pinterest Ideas To Help You Generate More Leads

Pinterest for real estate agents is a great marketing tool.  If you do not have an account, it is time to create one.  With that being said, many agents make the mistake to only posting their real estate listings.  There is so much more you can be posting that will help drive traffic back to your website and/or blog.

Below are ideas for boards you can create to give your real estate business more visibility and reach on Pinterest.

Boards that appeal to buyers

  1. Home decor inspiration and tips – Create a board full of designer inspired rooms as well as DIY tips.
  2. My Dream Home.  Mostly everybody has a Pinterest board with pins of their “Dream Home”. Scour the internet for pictures of homes that your followers will delight in and in turn re-pin them to their boards.  Everything from amazing kitchens to draw dropping closets and bathrooms should do the trick.
  3. Kid room decor inspiration . Everyone wants to make their children’s room amazing..great way to get new pins.
  4. Outdoor and garden ideas.  Think amazing backyards, gorgeous pools, lush landscapes etc.
  5. Decor style boards. Everyone has different taste so come up with a bunch of decor styles (traditional, modern etc) and make a board for each.
  6. Kitchen inspiration. People love their kitchens.  Find great kitchen ideas from the simple to the “my dream kitchen”.

Boards that appeal to sellers

  1. Working with small spaces. Pin ideas related to maximizing small spaces (furniture, paint colors etc).
  2. Easy renovation ideas.  Think updating your kitchen cabinets or repainting a room.
  3. Organization tips and tricks.  Everyone loves to be organized.  Think home and office tips.
  4. Best seller tips.  This one is pretty straightforward.
  5. Home staging tips.  Anyone selling a home will find this one helpful.
  6. About your community. As a real estate agent your territory most likely covers a few cities and towns.  Put together a board that highlights everything related to those communities.  Think parks, notable landmarks, restaurants and anything else that a visitor would find helpful.  This will help solidify you as an expert in your particular market area.  Bonus tip: make sure you have a page on your website dedicated to your territory that has loads of useful content and images.  By doing this you are putting out things that people will want to pin.

Boards related to your area

  1. Things to do in your area.  Find fun events happening in your area and pin them.  Also create seasonal boards so you give followers ideas for things to do throughout the year.
  2. Great places to eat. People love food so take advantage and post images of great eats around town.
  3. Popular Neighborhoods.  Pin images of photos around town, beautiful homes, highly desired neighborhoods etc.
  4. Fun things to do outdoors.  Think parks, lakes and any other nature oriented places.
  5. Great wedding venues. Find the best places to have a wedding in your area. Pinterest is very popular with wedding planning so this is your way to get in on the action.

All about me boards 

  1. What makes me laugh.   We all get a kick out of funny memes and pictures.  On this board you can show off your personality by posting images that give you a chuckle.
  2. My favorite recipes. Everyone comes together over food and this topic is hot on Pinterest.
  3. All about me. This board will be filled with anything and everything that shows off your more personal side.  Hobbies, favorite travel places etc.  This would also be a good spot to provide a link back to your blog.
  4. My dream vacation.  This is for where you want to vacation as well as those places you only dream of visiting one day.  There are so many stunning images of places.  Find a good one for a potential high re-pin count.

Your real estate business boards

  1. Your for sale listings – You should definitely have a board to showcase all your properties.  You can create one board and list all your homes there or you can create several boards that are categorized by neighborhood, price etc. For this board its all about the images so make sure you are including professional photos.
  2. Homes you have sold –   Show off all the great properties you have successfully sold.
  3. Satisfied clients – Testimonials are real estate gold.  Ask past clients to write a testimonial on your website and include a picture. Pin the picture to Pinterest and you have now direct links set up to your website.
  4. Best real estate articles – This board should be made up your top blog posts along with any other great articles you have seen online.  This board is all about exceptional content and great graphics.
  5. Group real estate boards –  These are basically boards put together by someone and anyone can add pins to it.  This is a very effective way to give a large boost of traffic back to your site.  You will also greatly increase your reach and visibility.  Group boards usually have a decent number of group members and even more followers so this really is an easy way to build up your social media presence!


When you have your boards up and running, it is time to begin marketing them.  The content you put up and the boards you created should help drive traffic back to your website.  The marketing you do should take place not only on Pinterest but on other social media platforms as well.  As an example, you can share something on Facebook and include some text that says “pin to read later” and you include the link to the pin on your board.  By doing this, anytime the link is clicked, they will be taken to Pinterest where they can pin the article to their board.  Using one social media platform to drive traffic to another is a great marketing tip.

Pinterest has proven to be a great tool for real estate professionals and the above tips will help you get started in making it a lead generator for your business.

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