5 Lead Generation Tactics for Real Estate Professionals


Real estate marketing is becoming a complex environment to navigate.  It is easy to to feel confused when it comes to how to generate leads that will convert.  Using online marketing tactics to maximize real estate lead generation is a must if you want a successful brand in this industry.

Here are five lead generation tactics to help your real estate agency capture more leads online.

1. Make sure your contact form is short and that your call to actions are strong


As we all know by now, there is always room for improvement when it comes to marketing tactics.  Even though there is not much text and fields needed for a contact form, you can always benefit from some tweaking.

Firstly, you want to make sure your lead capture forms are visually appealing to your visitors. If the form has too many fields, a visitor may feel overwhelmed and abandon your site.  It has been suggested that a form with only three fields (first name, last name and email) will improve lead form conversion by a decent percentage.

2. Alter Existing Landing Pages and Create New Ones


All your call to actions should be leading to different landing pages.  The more landing pages you have, the more you increase your opportunity of capturing high quality leads. This particular tactic has been successfully tested many times.

You can take it a step further by conducting A/B testing using various imagery, element positioning, layouts and other visuals on the pages. By doing this, you will determine which tactics are converting best for you.

3. Make sure you are branding your website


Real estate branding goes well beyond a fancy logo for your business cards and website.  When it comes to online marketing, your goal is to build a brand that everyone recognizes and in turn, grows to trust.

An updated and professional website is step 1.   Make certain your site is clean and modern and most of all, includes accurate data.  Customer testimonials from satisfied customers should also be at the center of your site.  Prospective buyers want to know that others have had a positive experience with you.

4. Navigating your website should be simple


If a visitor is not able to quickly find what they are looking for on your site, chances are they will move on.  It is crucial to make certain that your website’s navigational structure is organized, and properly laid out.

You also want to test out your URLs.  Make certain that each link takes you to the correct landing page.  Your “About Us” page should not take you to a “Page Not Found.” Also make sure to test out any links you have.  A link titled “Local News” should not link to a page with property listings.

5. Start a blog


Starting a real estate blog has many advantages.  It provides you with the opportunity to showcase your experience as an agent/broker.  Done properly, it can position you as an expert in your local market and in turn drive business your way. In real estate, the more credibility you have, the more successful you’ll be as an agent.

You want to start off by putting together a schedule of the content you will be publishing.  Get into a routine of publishing relevant and unique content on a consistent basis.  Keeping it local is a great way to garner followers fast. People love to hear about happenings in their community. Before you know it, you will have branded yourself as not only an expert in real estate, but in your specific market.



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