Real Estate Blog Ideas: Get More Signups

These real estate blog ideas are designed to turn your visitors into leads

Sidebar opt-in

There are different types of sidebar subscriptions you can do.

The e-mail subscription

This is the most used one and there are also different ways to do this. The one you see on most blogs is with the headline above the e-mail box with the button:

real estate blog ideas

These don’t convert the best due to the nature of them. People don’t look at the sidebar very much naturally. The average person will consume the content and ignore everything around it. Still, they add to the overall conversions on your website so you should definitely have them on your real estate blog and website.

The offer

Another great tactic is to have an offer in your sidebar. These offers will be something that the user has to subscribe to, to obtain. For example, we may in the future offer an in-depth ebook about PPC for real estate agents. If we created this, we would present the offer similar to this:

real estate side bar opt in

Then you would be taken to another page which you would have to opt in to download. Remember when doing this, you’re not limited to only offering 1 thing. If you have visitors coming to your website/blog for multiple reasons (buyers and sellers) you might want to make an e book for each one with 2 separate offers.

For example:

  • “Top 10 things to know for first time buyers”
  • “Top 10 things you need to know before listing your home”
  • Both

The average user consumes the content and leaves unless they see something else that strikes their interest right away. Your blog needs to be an opt-in machine that attracts visitors for good reasons. The less effort you put into making these offers, the less conversion (sign ups) you will get.


This is one of the more effective tactic out of the real estate blog ideas. A lot of people don’t like this tactic because they think it’s spammy. It might be a little but, it works. As with all advertising, the more people who do a certain thing, the more the average consumer becomes immune to it.

With that being said, you should jump on the popup band wagon while it’s still working GREAT.

real estate popup

Our popup was installed in less than 1 minute using the sumome plugin for WordPress which is also available for non WordPress websites as well.

It converts 5% of all visitors!

For less than 1 minute of your time you can be converting 5% of your visitors into subscribers. This one seems like a no-brainer!

Related Blog Posts

This tactic does not directly increase conversions but, it gives your blog another chance to catch the readers interest.

related blog post realtor

When a reader catches interest in another one of your posts and finds it valuable, they are far more likely to sign up using the side bar then a first time visitor.

The key here is keeping visitors on your website as long as possible so they become less and less immune to the opt-ins surrounding your real estate website or blog.

Bottom post subscription

Bottom post opt-ins are great for visitors who actually consume all your content. Not every reader is going to make it to the bottom of your post but, the ones who do found your content really good.

When a visitor finds your content really good, they’re far more likely to actually hit the opt-in button and give you their e-mail address.

real estate blog idea

Expect an extra 1% increase of subscribers from using this method.

Specific offer with each blog post

This is one of the best real estate blog ideas that takes a little more time to do then others but, has a much higher pay off when done right. Also it’s very rare to see (were not even doing it yet) so when visitors do encounter it they’re far more likely to try it.

Here is a great example:

specific offer

You’re basically creating offers like you would for your sidebar but, creating them specifically for each post.

e.g. For this post a great offer would be “Get 10 more tactic to make your blog into a power house”

If you liked this post wouldn’t you be more likely to want those tactics?

The idea is to make the offers directly related to the blog post the visitor is reading. You know their interested in this topic and your offer is based off giving them even more information that they don’t want to miss out on.

Comment section subscribe

Friction is referred to as the resistance new visitors have when signing up for something. Any barrier that can cause someone to go away such as payments, typing in e-mail, anything…

One of the least friction methods of getting any subscribers is a simple check box when they’re already planning on leaving a comment anyway:

comment subscribe

This is one of the best ways to get new subscribers for your blog, especially if you’re getting comments.

Hello bar conversion

Another quick and easy method to increase conversions that is dead simple to install.

Hellobar is what you see at the very top of this page.


It follows visitors along every page and for us, converts at around a 2-3% rate.

You can also have visitors type in their e-mail address and use it as a e-mail opt-in instead of taking them to a new page like we do.

Either way you use it, it’s definitely going to work well. Alone this won’t won’t be game changing for your real estate site but, when using all these tactics together they will definitely add big numbers to your current conversion rates.


Great copywriting is the #1 way to increase conversions all around on your website. It also takes immense talent to do it right. We all write and we all think were clever… Let me tell you something… A great copywriter will make us look like fools.

There are some general rules of thumb you can follow:

  • Clever very rarely beats clear
  • Make your call to actions descriptive and short
  • Make your offers appealing
  • Always track and test new ideas

Also follow this copy writing blog: copyblogger

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Have you used any of these real estate blog ideas? Have any of your own?

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