Opinion Piece: MLS on real estate websites, why?

99% of agents websites are focused around the MLS search on their website.


Buyers are starting their search on Trulia / Zillow and Realtor.com why should they waste time on your search?

Let me ask you this:

If you were a seller, why would you care about an MLS search when finding a Realtors website?

What would you really value?

If you were a seller would you like to see my sales volume over the past 5 years? My marketing plan and reasoning on how I can get your home sold better then anyone else on the market? I think so.


What about if you were a buyer?

What’s your mindset when you’re visiting a real estate agents website? Are you looking for more potential homes to buy and need another search?


Do you need to find someone that’s knowledgable in the market that’s going to get you the best deal possible? Or maybe you have some questions that you’re looking to get answers to about loans/REO deals/etc

Is this stuff easily accessible to buyers and sellers on your website? Being on your website hidden between 10 layers of navigation is not enough, your website should guide them.


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Again, ask yourself

Why are these people clicking to my website and spending time reading what I have to say?

I don’t believe buyers and sellers are coming to real estate websites to search for homes. When they end up on a site like yours, they are looking for an expert to convince them that they’re the right person for the job or they’re looking for certain bits of information on a topic that you know about.

Is that information easily accessible for them?


You’re losing leads too

What happens if a buyer/investor comes to your site and uses the MLS search without finding anything? Do you have any offers available that might catch that lead?

Or is the only option that you left them with is to leave aka bounce?

While on the MLS search you can offer something like a buyers guide as a last chance to get buyers attention. Use it as an e-mail opt in for download so you catch the lead and can follow up with them or at least put them onto an automatic drip campaign.


What can you do instead?

Instead of showing listings that you’re currently selling, show off the listings that you’ve sold and are most proud of.

Have you set some record breaking price in a neighborhood? Did you sell a house within 1 day  of being on the market?

What achievements do you have?

Show these off as your grand prize and have your listings as a statement.

I don’t think MLS should not be on real estate websites. It should be a little more strategically placed.




Is your MLS search on your website helping you turn visitors to leads?

Let us know below!

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