Killer real estate SEO tips to outrank your competition !

Real Estate SEO tips

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Goal: Get your website on the first page of google

And get lot’s of leads 🙂

It all starts with the SEO research!

Every blog post, every page on your website, everything you ever do for your real estate presence online should be based off research.

For our blog we do it two ways:

Find keywords with low competition and decent traffic that we can rank for easily.

Writing blog posts with the sole purpose of ranking high for the keyword. This is a great way to start getting traffic but, a lot of times the content itself will suffer and get less shares/comments/views/etc.

Create high quality content first and figure out what keywords you can target after.

You will have to go back through the log post and make some changes to optimize for the keywords but, generally it ends up in a lot better content for the readers.

The key is finding a balance between the two.

Our balance is 90% content for our audience, 10% for keywords. Reason being, we want to focus on creating really, really great content. I don’t think you can do that when having to focus on optimizing it for a certain keyword.

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