AD Retargeting for Realtors. Everything you should know!

AD Retargeting for real estate

Ad retargeting is a new type of advertising that is very effective.

What is retargeting and how can I use it for my real estate website and blog?

Retargeting allows you to display an advertisement to anyone who has visited your site. It also let’s you exclude advertisements to people who already signed up for an offer you might have.

For example:

Someone reads an article on your real estate blog and leaves.

^ Here is where retargeting installs a tracking cookie onto the users computer. 

You know that visitor had some interest in your services but, left for some reason unknown.

With retargeting you now have the ability to advertise and target that same person who left your website. Even though they didn’t subscribe or do anything at all.

Even straight onto their Facebook page:

retargeting on facebook for real estate agents and realtors

Almost everywhere they go online, you have a chance to advertise to them.

Creepy right?

I understand that hearing this concept for the first time might seem a little creepy.

Let me change your opinion on that, generally speaking a retargeting campaign has:

  • Higher click through rate on advertisements
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Lower cost than other forms of advertising
  • Easy to do

It’s one of the cheapest ways to advertise with some of the highest conversion rates in the industry.

Not so creepy anymore huh? Kind’ve sexy in it’s own way.

Is it hard to do?

It’s pretty simple.

The two main trusted services right now are Adroll and Perfect Audience.

Both, to install retargeting all you have to do is copy and paste a single line of code into your real estate webpage or blog. They have different variations for WordPress and HTML websites. Both are really simple to install.

Who should you pick?

Honestly both services are as good as each other. On this blog were using Perfect Audience but, if I could go back I would use Adroll because I like their branding and layout better. They have the exact same services either way.

What type of costs am I looking at?

As much as you want to spend!

Both services have free trials which give you $60+ in free credits which is pretty amazing. That shows some confidence in their products.

Every advertiser is going to have different numbers but, we will tell you ours so you have some base stats to compare yourself to.

Small Scale Case Study

Tool: Perfect Audience

Impressions Served (ads showed): 245

Clicks back to website: 5  (2% CTR)

Conversions: 4


Cost Per Acquisition: .60c

For $2.40  we acquired 4 new signups at $0.60/ea for our real estate flyer product.

retargeting case study for real estate agents

Pretty good! That’s also with no effort put into the ad so we can get this cost down even more.

The higher CTR we get, the lower the cost will be. The way you do this is by testing many headlines and images until you get something that clicks with the potential customer.

Then after you find that winning ad, you put money into it until it doesn’t work anymore. Which could literally be 2 days and then you’re back to testing for your next winning ad.

How should Realtors use ad retargeting?ad retargeting for realtors

There are a lot of different scenarios you can use retargeting in.

Here we outlined a couple that might be valuable in trying.

Retarget to everyone who visits your real estate website, except those who sign up.

Easy to do within the retargeting ad management system.

Just a single click and you can exclude anyone who has signed up, which means your advertisements will only go to people who have visited your site and not signed up for your offer or searched for a house.

This is a great overall approach but, if you’re on a budget you’re going to want to be a little more specific with your advertisements.

Retarget to visitors read a certain article from your real estate blog

Do you have a specific article about buying and selling that only attracts buyers and sellers specifically? That would be a great place to start the retargeting.

Without seeing your website, I can guess you probably have a 80% bounce rate on that page and i’m probably pretty close. If it’s higher then 90% you should consider making sure your content is properly formatted, links to other useful places and also has a great design.

So 80% of your visitors who visit your article directly targeted to buyers and sellers leave.

Poof, gone, see ya! That’s a lot of potential clients. This is where retargeting comes into play.

After they read that article, you can start advertising to them wherever they go. This is really great because visitors who have been to your blog once, if you have good content, they will start to see your brand as an authority.

That results in much higher click through rates and increased conversions.

Retarget to visitors who go to a certain page on your website

Maybe you have a get an estimate page on your website that only really interested people click and maybe it even converts well by itself! 30% of all potential real estate leads who make it to this page call me! Great!

What about the other 70% ? What went wrong?  Maybe they were just in a bad mood. Now you have a chance to get them back with ad retargeting!

They key is figuring out what pages on your website interested buyers and sellers are visiting. Then use those pages as your target for retargeting.

Get Creative!

As with all advertising there are methods that everyone follows that work good but, the greatest campaigns always come from left field. Some creative idea that no one has ever thought of before and decided to try it out.

Try retargeting from certain pages with specially made advertisements that are directly related to the last article your audience has read.

There are a ton of new ways to take this!

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