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When people think of Pinterest, cookie recipes and ideas for how to decorate your office comes to mind.  Although Pinterest is great to find the best sugar cookie recipe, this visual search engine is so much more.  With over 200 million visitors every month, this platform is a key marketing tool for realtors.

What makes Pinterest so useful to businesses is that consumers are  utilizing the platform as part of their decision making process when it comes to purchases.  So how does this benefit real estate agents?  In many ways!

Below are six tips for Real Estate Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest tips for branding

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With Pinterest being a visual search engine, it can be easy to get lost among it all.  This is especially true if everyone’s pins look similar.  For this reason, it is so important to have you own style. In order to stand out, you need to make sure you are consistent with your visual branding. Every one of your pins should be easily recognizable.  That means your tone, fonts, messaging and color scheme needs to remain the same.

A great way to help your pins stand out is to add a watermark or a small logo to the bottom of your pins.  Keep it understated, you don’t want it to over shadow your message but you do want people to know that the pin is coming from you.

Here are some helpful board ideas to create

  • Pictures of satisfied clients
  • Recent listings
  • My Dream Home
  • Funny real estate memes or images
  • Real estate videos/Infographics
  • Your pets
  • Interior design/Architecture you love
  • Your hobbies
  • Seasonal boards (Fall favorites,Halloween, Thanksgiving, Summer Fun etc)

Pinterest tips for lead generation


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Pinterest is great for lead generation.  You will get the opportunity to reach new prospects and boost traffic back to your website.  In order to get these leads, you need to create boards that will help attract them.

Here are some helpful boards to create:

Boards to attract buyers

    • Home decor inspo – Create a board with great interior design ideas along with DIY tips.
    • My Dream Home – Go crazy with this one.  It is not supposed to be grounded in reality.  These are images of amazing kitchens, gorgeous bathrooms and amazing backyards.
    • Kids room decor –  Everyone wants to put together an amazing space for their kids.
    • Outdoor space idea –  This board should be filled with amazing pools, beautiful landscaping and amazing backyards.
    • Kitchen inspiration – The kitchen is a favorite spot for many people.  Pin all the great kitchen ideas here.

Boards to attract sellers:

    • Inspo for small spaces – For those people that are looking to  maximize small spaces (paint colors, furniture ideas etc).
    • Renovation ideas – Think simple kitchen changes, changing the paint color in a room.
    • Organization hacks –  Who doesn’t want an organized home..share all the tips!
    • Tips for home sellers – Share all the tips for getting a home ready to sell!
    • Home staging tips – This one is for sellers too.
    • Pins related to your community – Everything local goes here.  Think landmarks, great restaurants and anything else a visitor would find helpful.

Pinterest tips for sharing listings


This one is a no brainer.  Pinterest is the ultimate place to show off your amazing property listings.  First thing is to make sure the photography is on point.  If you can’t afford a professional photographer, make sure you are at least using a DSLR camera.  You don’t want to upload pics taken with your phone.  Remember, a picture says a thousand words.

Be sure to capture images that will spark the attention of your followers.  Images of a dreamy bathroom, an amazing view, a great kitchen space,  or unique architecture are all things you want to focus on.  You then want to give thought to how you categorize these listings.  Come up with different boards by key features if that makes sense for you.

Here are some helpful boards to create:

  • Homes with pools
  • Luxury homes
  • Traditional living
  • Modern living
  • Family friendly

Pinterest tips for driving website traffic

More website traffic means more potential leads.  Your objectives on this platform is to attract people who are looking to buy or sell a home and get these people to head over to your website.  An easy way to do this is by making sure you link to your website in your pin descriptions.

Creating a piece of valuable content like an infographic can entice someone to click thru to further related content.  So if your infographic is about tips for selling your home, you may want to have a link to a blog post that touches on thing to avoid doing when selling your home.

Pinterest tips for Real Estate Farming

As a real estate agent, your ultimate goal is to become that go-to agent for people in your community.  The way you achieve this is by providing consistent value to those in your areas of service.   This is where a carefully curated list of pinterest boards comes into play.  You want to focus on what potential buyers and sellers would be interested in and looking for. By doing this, you grow a reputation as someone who is a knowledgeable resource.  Before you know it, you will be gaining in traffic, leads, sales, and referrals.

Here are some helpful boards to create

  1. Things to do in your community –   Fill this board with all the great things to do in your area along with fun events.  It is also a good idea to create  seasonal boards so followers have a resource for ideas of things to do all year long.
  2. Places to eat –  Post images of all the great places to eat around town.
  3. In demand neighborhoods – Fill this board with great images of your area, nice neighborhoods, beautiful homes etc.
  4. Outdoor activities – This is for all the great parks, nature trails, lakes, playgrounds etc.

Pinning best practices

When it comes to finding pins, you can search for your own or you can repin what you find when you do your searches.  Whatever you pin, you need to make sure you complete in these three fields: Description, Link, and Board.

  • Description – The words you use to describe your pins should be catchy and creative. You also want to use hashtags and keywords so your pin can be more easily found.  If you are pinning a listing, this is where you will put the price.  If you enter it with a dollar sign and the price, Pinterest will add a price banner.
  • Link – The link will take the person to another site.  Most cases this will be your website.  Wherever you link to, make sure the link works.
  • Choose a board – Choose the best board that fits your pin.
  • Variety is key: There needs to be a nice mix of your own content along with content you find in your research.  You don’t want too much self-promotion.  Ideally, you should strive for 10% Business, 90% Valuable content.

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