Email tips for Realtors from marketing pros

Denise Amara Aug 14, 2014 E-mail Marketing 0

A question was asked: “In two sentances or less, what’s your single best email marketing tip, trick, hack or piece of advice” Here are some of the great answers with quick break downs:   @brandonpindulic Design your emails as if your readers will only scan it. Don’t make it too formal and wordy, and aim […]

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How To: Real Estate E-mail Marketing Like A Pro!

Denise Amara May 07, 2014 E-mail Marketing 6

E-mail is along kept secret for all the new type of web businesses. In its current state, real estate agents are not taking full advantage of what it can be. [wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left”] This guide will take your real estate e-mail marketing to the next level [/wc_box] [box style=”tip”] *Note – There is no quick […]

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