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How to Get Ahead with Real Estate Video Marketing

animalz Jan 09, 2020 Company, E-mail Marketing, Facebook Marketing, General Marketing, Real Estate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Twitter Marketing 0

  Looking to break into the field of real estate video marketing, to give your properties an exciting new medium to attract potential buyers? Did you know that online video content is viewed more often than television? Before you grab the camera and start filming, let’s start with the most important part of making a […]

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FlyerCo Public Beta Launch!

Denise Amara Sep 29, 2014 Company 0

Were excited to announce the launch of public beta of FlyerCo. The product is still in it’s early stages and we have a long way to go with our feature set, this is just the start. Some of our upcoming features (in order) you will see in the coming weeks are: Easy social sharing Lead […]

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Beta Update

Denise Amara Apr 07, 2014 Company 0

First, I want to apologize for the delay on all updates to FlyerCo in the past 2 months.   Here is a update on FlyerCo and it’s current status.   The past two months the developer working on it has been very sick and has had to leave the company. That put FlyerCo on a […]

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What is FlyerCo ?

Denise Amara Oct 27, 2013 Company 0

FlyerCo in short is high quality, easy to make, real estate flyers. What do you mean exactly? We are developing new technology that will allow real estate agents to use our pre-made flyer templates and edit them online. What does that mean to you?

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