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Real estate websites and the technology companies that are building them are starting to move fast. More and more companies are popping up into the real estate website game, which is a good thing.



Boston Logic

“Real estate software that propels profit”

Designs look a little bit dated but, the software has been around a while and is reliable.




real estate websites

My Real Page

“All in one real estate website, IDX, listing and mobile solution”

Good designs with lots of features.




real estate webmasters


“Real estate internet marketing tools that work for you”

They have a lot of options and some great IDX features. Overall decent design.




real estate website box

Website Box

“Realtor websites only $99. One Time. No Monthly fees.”

One of the better solutions. Would recommend this to Realtors among some of the top website providers.




real estate inbound marketing

Pipeline ROI

“Real estate’s first complete inbound marketing platform.”

Looks like some really impressive software, have not heard much about this personally. Definitely worth checking out and requesting a free demo.




realtor websites


BlueRoof 360

“Hand crafted real estate websites for real estate brokers.”

Very expensive price tag with a decent design. Some of the cheaper solutions in this list have a better design but, I think where BlueRoof will win is functionality and SEO quality.  It seems like a more serious solution than some of these other products.




real estate agent website wordpress themes

Agent Evolution

“Wordpress for Real Estate. Industry leading themes, plugins and websites specifically built for the real estate professional.”

I  have to admit their designs are really high quality and what they are doing looks really good. Easily in the top 3 best real estate wordpress theme providers.




real estate website solutions



“Dakno’s all-in-one lead genereation and conversion system”

Their designs and software look really high quality but, they come with a hefty price tag. They also have full custom solutions available or pre-made designs. It looks like they aim to be a full marketing solution.




real estate agent website

Dwell Agent

“Minimal Effort. Maximum Effect. Real estate websites, virtual tour, blog and IDX.”

Simple designs, decent functionality. Overall it seems like they might be falling behind some of the technology that is really innovating this space.




real estate agent websites

Dynamic Page Solutions

“Turn key real estate websites that win visibility”

Real estate agent websites that have decent design, alright functionality, but lacking in innovation.




realtor wordpress themes

 Home Junction

“Build your business and set the standard with our real estate wordpress GEO themes.”




real estate property websites


“Beautiful real-estate property websites.”

In terms of design, these are my favorite. They have a very minimalist design and are very functional at the same time. Really impressed with what looks like a new player in the real estate website game.




single property real estate website


“Real estate websites amazing functionality, just $10/month.”

Their design is just awesome, and price is awesome too. Really impressed with this company and excited to see what they do with real estate websites in the future.




real estate website

Real Estate Digital – rDesk

“Your rDesk website provides a scalable, flexible, content and feature-rich setting where real estate search happens.”

They offer a full range of tools past just websites. The overall design doesn’t look that good but, SEO friendly and you might benefit from some of the other tools they offer.




real estate sites

Real Estate Sites

“Simply the best real estate website solution around!”

Decent design, looks like a tool that’s been around for a while so they probably know a few things about lead generation.




responsive real estate websites

Real Estate Tomato

“Custom, responsive websites & world-class training.”

They come with a hefty price tag, starting at $999 but, it’s totally worth it. Real estate tomatoe is one of the few website providers who are constantly innovating and pushing what a real estate website can be. This is the type of company you buy into for the long-run, rather than a simple solution.




real estate webmasters

Real Estate Webmasters

“All in one Realtor platform to save you time and effort.”

This is another company that is really impressive. I would compare them to Real Estate Tomato and it would be a really hard decision which one to choose.




IDX real estate websites

Real Geeks

“IDX Real estate websites that convert.”

A full real estate website and lead solution with awesome tools included. Designs could be improved but, all the functionality is there to make it a winning product.




real estate website list

Realty Ninja

“Awesome websites for busy real estate agents.”

Awesome designs with great functionality. Worth checking out and comparing vs whatever you’re already looking at.




realtor website solution

Redman Tech

“Real estate websites that scale to fit the size of your business.”

Quality designs with some intuitive software to support  your website. Really liking what they offer and how easy it looks to use.




real estate website solution for agents


“Where technology and trends meet.”

Some of their designs look dated, others look really good. Really confused about this company but, worth checking out at the very least.




real estate


“Real estate websites made easy.”

I absolutely love some of these templates and this company. It doesn’t have some of the functionality that some of the other real estate websites do but, it does have a good price tag starting at $17/mo.




union street media

Union Street Media

“We build top performing real estate websites.”

High quality websites that also offer some good functionality with tools to help capture / nurture and manage your leads. Couldn’t find their pricing anywhere so I imagine it’s probably pretty high.




realtor website themes

Virtual Results

“Award winning real estate websites and cutting edge internet marketing campaigns that make you money.”

Very hefty price tag, with decent designs. I would prefer a lot of people on this list over this company based off their website and not trying their product.




Premier Agent Websites

“Awesome websites with fully integrated IDX search.”

Their website designs seem a little basic and dated but, their packed with a lot of functionality and a low price tag that makes it worth it if you’re looking for a simple solution.


That’s all folks! Did we miss any website solutions you use?

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9 Comments on Real Estate Websites And Technology You Should Know About

  1. Ramin (RealtyNinja Co-Founder)     December 11, 2014 12:27

    Hey Andrew, thanks for the mention!

    • Andrew Gale     December 12, 2014 6:47

      No problem Ramin! Surprised you saw the post, we haven’t sent it out yet 🙂 Using Mention?

  2. Bruce Simon     December 12, 2014 4:04

    Very timely report for me as I’m looking to change from my ProStep Marketing website to a new provider that uses a WordPress platform. Design, SEO, lead generation, customer service and ease of use are very important to me. Do you know anything about Limeyboy and also IDX Central? Thanks!

    • Andrew Gale     December 16, 2014 4:05

      Hey Bruce,
      I don’t know anything about Limeyboy but, judging from their website I would rather go with someone like real estate tomatoe.

      As far as IDX central – it looks really impressive, the core difference between IDX & RE Tomato would be that IDX is more of a manual solution. If you’re looking for someone to build it for you I would definitely go with RE Tomato.


  3. Bruce Simon     December 16, 2014 5:47

    Thanks Andrew. I appreciate your feedback!

  4. Tyler, Easy Agent Pro     January 31, 2015 1:06

    I really love the CRM called Streak. It loads right in gmail and is very light weight. I hear realtors love it too.

  5. Patrick Wiltse     March 26, 2015 4:43

    Thanks for this resource.

    Another big player in real estate technology is Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies –

    I personally manage the blog at

    Check it out!

  6. Mark Fitzgerald     September 15, 2015 5:43

    Just wanted to add Myrsol into the Mix. We are a bit different IDX provider in that we allow agents using the Myrsol Real Estate Website to use our designers,marketing,SEO or copy writers or they can hire their own. This keeps them with a solid flexible platform without having to move all their pages, contacts, blogs when they are not happy with the results from the marketing company or Designers.

  7. Mike // Realtor in Lake Norman NC Area     March 1, 2016 10:24

    Thanks for this comprehensive list! It is quite the labyrinth to go through all the many options and decide on what really works best in your situation. For me, we’ve done a custom Wordpress website but are always looking for ways to improve what we do.What I see a lot lately are agents using the third party websites like real estate geeks and boomtown and have lots of ads shooting to those website in hopes of getting conversions but neglecting on long-term work to their personal websites. We are trying it differently, but there are many ways to win! Thanks again.

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