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Technology is moving fast and that’s a good thing. Tools to help us become more efficient at our job are getting better and easier to use every day. Here are some of the tools that we use and think you’ll love too.

Personal / Social

Google Alerts – Track important terms that are newly mentioned about your topic. For example you can get an email every time someone posts something about Orange County real estate.

Tweet Deck – Monitor all your social accounts from one place. Including lists and hashtags. Valuable when you’re monitoring #OrangeCounty (or whatever city you’re in) on multiple social networks to make sure you stay involved.

Circular – Similar to Buffer but, free. Use it to schedule tweets.

Quora – This is where really smart people hang out and ask/answer questions. Chances are it’s pretty popular in your city and there aren’t any other Realtors hanging out there. – Bookmark this site and check it everyday to stay on the cutting edge of marketing (and our site of course).

Website/Blog Tools

SumoMe  – Has a suite of free tools all which are absolutely amazing! Definitely worth checking out, works for Wordpress and non Wordpress sites.

Yoast Plugin for Wordpress – Helps you make sure your on page SEO is done correctly so Google will pick you up and rank you well.

Buzz Sumo – Easily find the best content on the web that has performed really well to give yourself ideas on what to write about for your next article.

W3 Cache – Google loves a fast website. Use this plugin for Wordpress to make sure your blog is performing as fast as it’s capable of. This is an easy way to help contribute to your rankings.

Google Analytics – The best free analytics platform you’re probably already using.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator – The best content idea generator on the web. If you need help coming up with new article ideas use this. No other tool compares.

Moz Bar – Get the data that matters about your competitors. Easily learn what is making them rank well so you can rank better.

Open Site Explorer – Identify the backlinks that are helping your competitor rank. Can also be used for other SEO activities such as to monitor your own internal linking strategy.


Rapportive – Gives you some insight on who you’re emailing (for Gmail only) by giving you their full social profile with just a click.

FollowUpThen – Sends you easy reminders to follow up with people. All you have to do is forward the email you want followed up with the time you want to follow up again and it automatically reminds you.

Mail Chimp – One of the best free email marketing tools available. Use this to create really easy to use automated email marketing campaigns.

Signals By Hubspot – Know when someone opens and reads your email. Valuable to make sure that when you send something important, it gets read.


We hope you enjoyed this post. If you have a chance go check out we help you create real estate flyers online easily.

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