Real Estate Blog Ideas: Get More Signups

Denise Amara Jun 19, 2014 General Marketing 0

These real estate blog ideas are designed to turn your visitors into leads     Sidebar opt-in There are different types of sidebar subscriptions you can do. The e-mail subscription This is the most used one and there are also different ways to do this. The one you see on most blogs is with the […]

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An Advanced Guide To PPC For Realtors

Denise Amara Jun 18, 2014 General Marketing 0

Advanced guide to PPC for Realtors This guide is not to be used for any Realtors who have not done PPC or internet marketing before. To execute it properly it takes strong knowledge in e-mail marketing, PPC, landing pages and creating offers that convert. (You can start small though)

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Modern Effective Realtor Advertising Ideas

Denise Amara Jun 09, 2014 General Marketing 0

Realtor Advertising Ideas List Advertising as a real estate agent can be tough, here’s some ideas   Facebook Paid Advertising There are a ton of ways to do Facebook advertising as a Realtor. The key is identifying who your target market is and creating an advertisement that they would be interested in. We also have […]

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10 Key indicators of motivated seller leads

Denise Amara Jun 05, 2014 General Marketing 0

. Nothing better then some motivated seller leads. The problem is, how do you figure out which ones are motivated and which ones are just wasting your time? Try using some of these indicators to figure that out.   1. They inquire information about selling their home online When someone fills out a form on your website, […]

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realtor real estate lead conversion

How to increase conversions on your real estate website

Denise Amara Jun 04, 2014 Real Estate Blog Tips 2

The art of conversion optimization is having people come to your website and do an action that you want them to do with the highest amount of completions(conversions) possible. [wc_divider style=”solid” line=”single” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””] If you’re getting traffic to your website and no one is calling you or signing up then your problem is conversion […]

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