Internet Marketing Channels For Realtors

Denise Amara Sep 05, 2014 General Marketing 0

With any online marketing technique that you try, the key to making it work for you is consistency. Find an outlet that you enjoy and dedicate your resources to it. Once you learn how that is working for your business then move onto the next channel with the most potential. In this post were going to […]

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Email tips for Realtors from marketing pros

Denise Amara Aug 14, 2014 E-mail Marketing 0

A question was asked: “In two sentances or less, what’s your single best email marketing tip, trick, hack or piece of advice” Here are some of the great answers with quick break downs:   @brandonpindulic Design your emails as if your readers will only scan it. Don’t make it too formal and wordy, and aim […]

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