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Having a great expired listing letter can do wonders.

That’s why we curated the best expired listing letter s from around the web. Enjoy.


First: Two resources to look over really quickly to set your expectations of expired listings and how to handle your approach to get them.

A great presentation on what to expect from expired listings and the process this Realtor uses.

A great conversation about expired listing letter s – Do they work?  Short answer: Yes. Read it here:

The Expired Listing Letter List What we like about it: It’s from a credible source and Realtor always has good tested marketing material. expired listing letter

The Agent Spot: What we like about it: The content! expired-listing-letter

My Real Estate Letters:

One of the best free expired listing letters What we like about it: The letters might not be the best looking letters in the world but, the content in them is good. real-estate-expired-listing-letters

 Secrets Of Top Selling Agents

Free expired listing letter What we like about it: It’s a PDF and has a lot of information on expired listings. It’s not just a letter. Going through and taking a look at. expired-listing-letters

Virtual Assistant Chick virutal-assistant-chick-expired-listing-letter

John Waters Wright free expired listing letter

Agent Inner Circle What we like about it: It’s in doc format so you can print and go. best free expired listing letters

Real Sharp What we like about it: It has statistics. We like numbers 🙂 real-sharp-expired-listing-letter-post-cards   [wc_divider style=”solid” line=”single” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””]

Extra:The Best Expired Listing Postcards

[wc_divider style=”solid” line=”single” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””]

Prospect Plus What we like about it: They look pretty 🙂 expired-listing-post-cards

Captain Notepad What we like about it: They are cheap. real-estate-expired-post-cards

Printer Bees What we like about it: They have a huge selection of expired listing post cards printer-bees-expired-listing-letter-post-cards   Rainmaker Postcards What we like about it: Has a post card plan for 8 weeks. Great way to consistently target a potential seller and stay in their mind. best-free-expired-listing-letter-post-cards


Some other expired listing letters worth mentioning:

Realtors business listing templates

Trulia discussion on expired listings

Short sale super stars

Expired letter pinterest board


Great! You made it to the end of the post.

Here is some more great information on expired listings that might help you make up your mind if this is the right path for you. Great talk about expired listings. Makes a great point that many of your competitors aren’t doing. Marking listings that are about to expire so when they do expire, you can be the first one to talk to them.

Great conversation between Realtors talking about expired listings

Good Resource for expired listings

That’s all folks’ !

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(ps here is a list of real estate flyer templates )

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  6. Tyler Zey     March 31, 2015 3:23

    Hey Andrew,

    Great combination of different approaches!

    I think the best thing for every realtor to keep in mind is: “What would I do if this was the one listing that my life depended on?”

    If you don’t treat the listing that way, some other agent will. I just wrote a piece on that topic here on EAP:

    Hope you find it as interesting as all the others,

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