Top 5 Real Estate CRM’s For 2017

Denise Amara May 01, 2017 Real Estate Tools 2

                  All businesses revolve around their customers.  This is especially true in the real estate vertical.  The relationship you have with your clients is both close and hopefully long lasting.  In order for this relationship to flourish and for you to continue to build your business, you need […]

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Powerful Real Estate Marketing | Tools, Strategies & Tips

Denise Amara Dec 20, 2014 General Marketing, Real Estate Tools, Real Estate Website Conversion Tips, SEO marketing 7

The online and offline real estate marketing landscape is getting bigger and bigger. New tools are coming out all the time, new strategies to help bring more traffic and in this post we try to help you bring it all together. Real Estate Marketing Tools These tools are not all made specifically for Realtors. Optimizely […]

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Quick Tip For Realtors: Rapport + E-mail = Awesome

Denise Amara May 18, 2014 Real Estate Tools 3

What is Rapportive? [wc_testimonial by=”” url=”” position=”left”]”Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.”[/wc_testimonial]   What does that mean exactly? It’s a plugin for g-mail (sorry non g-mail users! Get with it 😉 What it does is, whenever you are e-mailing someone it loads a small screen right next to the e-mail […]

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