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5 Great content ideas for Realtors to attract buyers and sellers

Here is an easy plan to produce fresh content for your blog consistently.

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1. Local Market Updates

Easy update to do once a month.

Give your local audience a reason to click. What better reason to visit your real estate blog than to see if their home prices are increasing or decreasing?  It’s one of the best ways to attract locals. It’s also a great way build your blog subscribers.

Make sure at the end of the post to have an offer such as “receive monthly market updates”.

Extra points if you include an in-depth break down on all the numbers. The more valuable content you provide the more people will enjoy reading your posts and Google will like it as well.


neighborhood updates

2. Neighborhood Updates

Do them whenever they happen

How is this different then local market updates?

This is more about what’s happening. Is there a block party going on? A new playground being installed somewhere? A restaurant opening up that locals need to know about?

Not only do people want to know about this stuff but, it’s also a great way to increase your search engine rankings for local searches. If you’re the first to blog about something happening locally Google is going to show you  on page 1 when people start searching about it.

Stay current.


new real estate listing

3. Your Listings / Open Houses

Self Promotion

A lot of agents are already doing this but, could be doing it a little better.

Listing the MLS information on your website is a great start but, give an in-depth post on the neighborhood and everything about it. When this post is complete you’ll be able to share it through all your social media groups and when people click through they’ll be learning about the house and your local market knowledge.

Use this as a way to show off everything you know, not just the listing.


real estate buyer question

4. Buyer Questions

Easy updates

Every time you interact with a buyer at an open house and they have any type of question that you think other people might be interested in, write it down.

Then blog about it! Give an in-depth explanation about the question.

Extra points if you get the persons e-mail after they ask the question and follow up with your blog post via e-mail.

Double extra points if you create a downloadable e-book that captures the potential prospects e-mail. 


real estate sellers guide

5. Seller Questions

Easy updates

Same as buyer. Every time you get a unique question , blog about it.

Follow up with them via e-mail with your blog post again. There is a good chance they will be so impressed that they will want to use you as their agent as well as share it on their social networks.

Content ideas for realtors

Do you have any types of content we missed?

Leave a comment below!

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  1. MILES BUSH     August 6, 2014 4:59

    Thanks for the Info about what we should be posting.

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    Excellent bullet points and very helpful –I’ll have to include them on my Farm area Community site.

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    thanh you for sharing!

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